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    Hello, you guys, I'm sorry, I got to carried away with that Nintendo stuff. But let's forget that stuff. I found a Japanese Novel from one of my Principals and this is fabulous! It's one of the best stories that I've read, and I can't find a story board or other post around this AV fourms. So I want to make this post so that you guys might read it and enjoy it and plus, I have Capcom V.S. Tryiigger Team the Spcial included with this. It's kind of short, but when I tell you that I'm going to fit the rest of it, I will so sit back relax and pass this on to any boards if you wish to.___________________________________________________[/COLOR]

    Game Gear Fusion Novel​
    Police: What is going on?
    Police 2: I don't know. Do you know what is going on?
    Police: I just got here! What do you mean?!
    Police 2: I just got here too.
    Police 3: All right. All right. Calm down. Hey what is that?
    Police 4: Oh, wait a minute. (Gasps) Hey, boss, I found some evendence!
    Police (Leader): What is it?!
    Police 4: It is some kind of mutegentic thing. (Looks at it strange)
    Police 3: It looks like *something*?
    Police (Leader): *Something* Please, let me hear in my ear. (Snatches it from him)
    Police 2: What is it? Is it *Something*?
    Police (Leader). It is *Something*. Come on boys. Lets go to the other woods. These guys are not going to keep on fooling us like gulibale "People with no parents".
    Police: (The group started to agree and uses vurgal)

    (Gets in the helicopter)

    Announcer: They now enter the dangerious area of North Redeson City.

    Police: Land ho!
    Police and Police 2: LAND HOOO!
    Police 4: Yes, thank god. Now I can search for that *Something* that I've seen the last time.
    Police (Leader): You do that.
    Police 4: (Shows his thumb)
    Police 3: (Cocks his gun) I can't wait until we finish this mission. I am pooped.
    Police 4: You know. I feel like watching that Turanchula Kid Sagas. It's the best.
    Police 3: You know.
    Police 4: (Cocks his gun) Okay, where do we go now.
    Police 3: Don't know. (Something rattles)
    Police 3 and 4: (Points their gun everywhere in like 30 seconds)
    Police: Hey you guys, what was that?
    Police 3 and 4: It's nothing.
    Police: Okay, just checking.
    Police 2: Darn. This is messed up. I can not find a thing.
    Police: (Leader): Well we have to find something.
    Police: (All): Right!
    Police 4: Hey, I found another one. And it's moving.
    Police (Leader): Are you filming it? Film it.
    Police 4: Yes, it is filming. Hey, there is more over there.
    Police (Leader): Cool. Go ahead now.
    Police 4: Right. (Walks near the woods)
    (The K-Hazard crawls around)
    Police 4: (Searches around) ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... (Something rattles) (Points his gun everywhere again for 20 seconds). Nothing!

    (A dog runs him over)

    Police 4: Aaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Shoots gun) (Groans)

    All: (Wonders) (Stands still)

    Police 4: (Still shoots Handgun)

    Police (Leader): What the heck is going on there?!
    Police 3: (Runs inside the siotuation)
    Police 2: Run, you guys. Let's go. It is too late.
    Police 4: How can you leave me like this Aggaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhcchh! (Dies and Bleeds)

    The rest of cops: (Runs away from their lives)

    Police: Holy cow, what the heck am I standing on.
    Police (Leader): ........ (Stares around) Oh holy cow. (Gets out his gun and shoots out)
    Police 2: (Gasps) I see some dangos!
    Police 3: (Gets out his Magnum and Blasts it)

    (Gun Shooting)

    Huge Dango: (Runs and bits Police 3's head off)

    Police (Leader): Good god please. Get the Magnum.
    Police: Yes sir! (Grabs the 44 Magnum and keeps on shooting it)
    Huge Dango: (Runs, then Jumps, and then Throws up the " K-Hazard " on the rest of the cops)

    Police 5 and 6: (Comes out with " The Slougher Machine ") (Gasps)

    (The K-Hazard grabs all over both of them and then drop their Slougher Machines)

    Police 2: (Gasps and then dies)
    Police 3: (Dies off)
    Police (Leader): (Runs away and powers up the Helicopter) Flies off and then hits the Airplane Extreamly Hard and loses control of the Helicopter)

    Police (Learder): Holy what?!!

    (The Helicopter drops down into the Ocean)

    Yushaye: (Wakes up)
    Kayekyo: (Sits on Yushaye's stomach)
    Yushaye: (Gasps)
    Kayekyo: Hey Yushaye?
    Yushaye: What is going down Kayekyo?
    Kayekyo: (Smiles)
    Yushaye: Oh no!
    Kayekyo: (Giggles)
    Yushaye: (Changes into his clothes) Okay, Lets go.
    Kayekyo: (Walks with him)

    (They go to school)

    Yushaye: Man, this is so stupid. Stupid stupid stupid! I hate school! Something!
    Kayekyo: Deal with it!
    Yushaye: Arrrrrrrrrrraaagggghhhh!! Come on Kayekyo. Let's fight.
    Kayekyo: I don't like fighting. How many times do I have to tell you? Stop forcing me to fight with you.
    Yushaye: I am soooo board.
    Kayekyo: How dreadfull.
    Yushaye: This is madness. I wish I was in a difrrent world.
    Kayekyo: And I know what your thinking about.
    Yushaye: No! Not that. I ................... (Tries to Punch Her)
    Kayekyo: (Moves the other way without her knowing) Oh look, a Coin.
    Yushaye: (Gasps)
    Kayekyo: What's the matter Yushaye? What happend?
    Yushaye: (Gulp) Nothing ................. nothing.
    Kayekyo: Oh ........................
    Yushaye: If we fight together, I will give you 25 Naejaeshan Papers! How's that?!
    Kayekyo: NO! I'm not going to touch you. I'm not going to do anything reckless to disrespect my reputation. Come on now Yushaye. Please. I don't want to (Starts to cry)
    Yushaye: Arrrrrraaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! (Walks away)
    Daivoo: Oh no! Look who it is. It's Yushaye Cayusuke.
    Yushaye: And it's Daivoo Wilfred Dalmo!
    Daivoo: Hey, watach that mouth! (Tries to punch him)
    Yushaye: (Jumps and kicks him in the neck and punches and kicks him) Carnival Around Town (Then Kicks him in a Garbage Can)
    Daivoo: (Coughs)
    Yushaye: See, go get your family and live in the filth. I told you I'm the champion! (Laughs)
    Kayekyo: (Slaps him hard)
    Yushaye: (Falls out) Ouch! What the heck was that for.
    Kayekyo: For disisng the wrong person. I told you that.
    Yushaye: (Comes near him and kicks her) No. I'm not down with that.
    Kayekyo: (Grabs her foot and kicks him with it). Don't hit me.
    Yushaye: I will hurt you, don't move.
    Kayekyo: Come on let's do this.
    Yushaye: Now you gave me what I want.
    Kayekyo: (Posses her fist)
    Yushaye: (Posses the same way)
    Kayekyo: I have no time to waste with you, bum! (Walks off)
    Yushaye: Hey, where are you going?! Darn it. I don't know. I guess I will just have to go to school. (Walks to school)

    (In Class)

    Mr. Arukashi: Okay class, listen up. We are going to focous on a little math. So, who is going to tell me what this answer is since a lot of people had cold feet?
    Everyone: ...................................................................
    Mr. Arukashi: Hump! It seems that your not ready for this challenge.
    Kiishiyo: Hey man, this is wack Yushaye. I want to go home (Pouts)
    Mr. Arukashi: (Clears through) Yushaye!
    Yushaye: What?!
    Mr. Arukashi: Don't get a attitude with me young man. I hope you know that you are going to be suspended for picking a fight with a girl.
    Yushaye: None of your business!!
    Mr. Arukashi: (Grabs him) Now you look Mister. I run this class, and I expect no harrassments in here! No touching, and defninatly, no touching are we clear!
    Yushaye: .............................................................. get you hands off me, i got it.
    Mr. Arukashi: We better. Now answer this question. What is 93 X 42?
    Yushaye: That is hard.
    Mr. Arukashi: For a Fifthteen year old?! I am ashamed!
    Kimberly: Oh I know. 93 X 42 = 3906
    Everyone: AWWWWWWWWWWW!
    Yushaye: (Pouts)

    Tryiigger Team has met match with Capcom?! PT1.

    Tryiigger Team V.S. Capcom

    TryiiggerTeam V.S. Capcom: The Best of Super Heros! CAPCOM!

    (Raccoon City, California)

    Enrici: Okay, you guys, once we drop down, then we do some searches.
    All: Sir!
    (The helicopter still files) (20 Seconds later it hits a tree)
    Enrici: Oh ****! What the hell is going on.
    Pilot: Engine falier, we are about to go down sir.
    Enrici: Then take her down!
    (Helicopter files down) (Everyone gets out)
    Enrici: Chech the current position and investigate the surrounding areas.

    (Everyone is wide open)

    Rebecca: Captain, look.
    Enrici: (Turns on his light) (Looks)
    Enrici and Rebeca: (Gasps)

    (Dead People from the Military force lying down, dead)

    Rebecca: (Picks up articale) (Reads it)

    Court order of man for ................

    Edward: (Snaches the Artical from Rebeca) Those poor soliders, they were good man trying to do their jobs. And that bastard murdered them and escaped.
    Enrici: All right everyone, our friend is brutal and worthless, let us try to keep our guard up. Split in half.
    Billy: (Walks out of the Train and notices that the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team are out there)
    Enrici: (Looks around)
    Edward: (Looks around)
    Billy: (Walks the other way and steps on a trap)
    Edward: (Shoots his gun)!!
    Enrici: Hey you, halt!! (Shoots his gun)
    Edward: It is Billy!
    Bravo Team 1/2: Get him!
    Bravo Team: Don't let him get away!

    (Everyone shoots at him)

    Billy: (Gets hit 5%) Calm down, please, stop! Do not shoot!
    Rebecca: Hold your fire! Please!
    (Everyone put their guns away)
    Billy: That paper you seened, is not true. I did not do it.
    Enrici: Hey, you are that guy that sloughed 20 Africans.
    Billy: I had nothing to do with that! I swear to god.
    Enrici: Who was then.
    Billy: It was the head of the Millitary force that had the Three low class take down the 20 Africans. I tried to stop them. And when I was knocked out, I had to escaped, because I did not want to die in Jail.
    Edward: You think this guy is telling the truth.
    Enrici and the Rest: I do not know.
    Rebeca: Come on you guys, I believe him.
    Edward: Hump! ....................... Kids these days, you believe in this guy and he will sloughter you.
    Billy: (Stares at him mad)
    Enrici: Hey! Come on Edward, Stop it! Billy. Your luckey that we are letting you go. There is other Police forces that will not believe us, you you mind as well.

    (Dogs run out and start to attack half of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team. Half of them got killed and Enrici runs to his ship and left the whole seen)

    Rebecca: Enrici! Wait! Where are you going?!
    Billy: Damn it! What does he think he is doing. (Shoots the Dogs that approches)
    Rebecca: (Shoots with him)
    Billy: Arrrrrrrraaagh! That ought to teach them! Rebecca. This way! (Runs)
    Rebecca: Would you mind slowing down (Gets bitten by one of the Zombie Dogs)
    Billy: Rebecca (Shoots The Zombie Dogs) Come on. Lets go. (Still runing)

    (San Fransisco, California)

    Ryu and Ken: (Fights each other) (30 Seconds)
    Ken: Wow Ryu! You were not that strong since I first fought with you.
    Ryu: That is because I train!
    Ken: Yeah, you understand your self.
    Ryu: You think I do not?
    Ken: Okay, let us try it again! And this time, I am not going to be sorry like Cyclops or Wolverine.
    Ryu: Your underestimating the guys that fough and beat us before. (Punches him)
    Ken: (Dodges it) Do not worry about that, they will not beat us again.
    Chun-Li: When do I get to fight?!
    Ken: Not now Chun-Li.
    Chun-Li: (Gets angry) (Punches Ken)
    Ken: Okay, Here I come (Fights with Chun-Li)
    Ryu: Now, looks like you have met your match.
    Ken: Not really, (Chun-Li: Spining Bird Kick) (Gets tripped by Chun-Li)
    Chun-Li: (Giggles) (Poses defense)

    (Najaeshan City, Naejaesha)

    Tryiigger: Spin Gear!!
    Nightmare - Hunter: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! **** it, now your getting me angry little boy.
    Tryiigger: Shut up and fight!
    Nightmare - Hunter: Go on Suplyer. Move. (Turns Big) Now I am going to enjoy this, (Creates a Portal)
    Tryiigger: ...............
    Supliyer: (Runs and Hits him unexpectedy with a Metal Bat)
    Tryiigger: (Flies screaming) WHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa!!!
    Captain Island: (Grabs him and pulls him out) Are you Okay, Tryiigger!
    Tryiigger: I will, I am fine.
    Aireo: No you will not, (Scratches him off)
    Suplyer: (Cuts him)
    Nightmare - Hunter: (Straight Punches him)
    Tryiigger: Ouch! (Changes into Zayivon)
    All: ..............................................................
    Nightmare - Hunter: (States) Hey! Do I know you?! Your that kid that was with Warren! Yes, I know you. Your that kid that was with us near the Harlem World Flud incident! But I do not know your name. How stupid of me.
    Aireo: I know his name. His name is Zayivon! He goes to Naejaeshan Junier Seiner High School.
    Supliyer: I have herd of that name before, I can not tell if he was from that Ghoust family.
    Demon Queen: Yes, I know, his last name is Cazzaan! He stated his name when he was near the park. He was like this " My name is Zayivon Cazzan. That must have something to do with a Race of believers.
    Nightmare - Hunter: Ah Ha! So you were that punk. I see, so you were effected by that K-Hazard! How could I miss it?!
    Captain Island: How can you tell.
    Nightmare - Hunter: Hey, I always heard that Zayivon gets beat up, but then all of that changed. Some day we was going to find out, and now, your secret is now going to be exposed, Okay people. Lets try to get Zayivon " Cazzan " and place him up top of that Time Clock Statue near the Harlem World projects.
    Supliyer: What about this guy right here.
    Nightmare - Hunter: No need to worry, he could do the best to stop us.
    Aireo: (Beats Captian Island up)
    Captian Island: OUCH! (Out)
    Zayivon: Do not hurt .............................................. me.

    To be continued (Next Month of Spring, new Sitcoms)

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