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Since I ordered my E6600/X1900 I've been looking into what new effects game developers will be using in thei future games. The Crysis tech demo is a good indication of where things are going but I was dissapointed not to see Volumetric Smoke in there. Now I know this effect has already been done for COD2 so am I mistaken or will Crysis leave VS out all together? Or is VS the same as Volumetric Clouds?

What other games have VS apart from COD2?

VS for me is a must have effect. Id much rather have VS than HDR any day.

What effects are you guys looking forward too?

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I think they should put eye candy on the back burner for a while and concentrate more on the AI in games. This will improve the gameplay a lot more than pretty pictures, shiney flashes and sparkles. Then they can go back to producing some good quality single player stuff instead of pandering to the on-line community because they can't be @rsed with the AI. Far Cry was supposed to have an unrivalled AI but I still see guys moonwalking against trees and walls, same in Oblivion.

Just my thoughts.


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I agree that they've come a long way with graphical effects and now create some wonderful lush environments to explore in games. In the olden days developers had to make the story lines and characters more involving to hook you and want to play the game further. In my eyes with the advances in graphical technology they've become rather lathargic in giving you a good story line and empathy for your game character and relied more on the eye candy.
I hope more emphasis is put on a good story and characters in future games as well as utilising all the wonderful effects and detailed worlds that future technology allows developers to create.
Physics will hopefully play more of a part in games too with destructable environments and better ingame interaction. I feel that the source engine has given a little taster of whats to come and i'm liking it.
We must also not forget how improvements to sound in recent years has affected our enjoyment in games. Some of the 3d positioning in games such as Thief:Deadly shadows and the like go a long way to laying the foundations of a gaming experience.:smashin:


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Well from googling on the subject, it seems that there is a differnece between VS & VC.

From what I've read Crysis will support VC. said:
Volumetric Clouds

Through an advanced Imposter Rendering Technique Crytek delivers volumetric cloud formations that are illuminated in real-time and allow soft fly-throughs. This allows for frantic action when you are fighting aliens in the sky. The clouds also cast realistic shadows on anything lying beneath them.

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