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GAME dont want your money!!!


Standard Member
Well my old PS2 decided to finaly quit working on firday evening, annoying as i had just got home with a copy of Colin Mcrae 2005 :mad:

I got a friend to come over and bring his ps2 with him thinking i will go and buy a new slimline ps2 from the local GAME store on saturday.

I get to game and look at the Deals on offer, spongebob square pants and some stupid kiddies disney game are the 2 included items on the cheapest deal in the store. Not being 5 and no longer a fan of spaongebob i decided to approach the counter and purchase just a console on its own..

Me 'Hi, I would like to buy a PS2 please'

Game Gimp 'Have you seen our deals sir?'

Me ' Yes but i dont want any of the deal games, I want to buy just a PS2 on its own thank you very much'

GG 'Err i don't fink we can do that, looks across to adolescent 'manager' '

Manager 'Thats right we cannot sell you a ps2 on its own'

Me 'bye' walks out of the shop in disgust.

Last time i spend any of my hard earned cash (and over the years ive spent a lot on consoles and games) in GAME in future i'll go to EB or HMV or the local Blockbuster for my gaming needs.

I then went to the local 3rd party second hand games place and picked up an old style ps2 with 3 months warranty for £50 :smashin:

HAs anyone else come across this sort of problem before. Its the first time ive had a shop refuse to take my cash, muppets.


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its official, GAME are poo, but we all knew that anyway

Hail to the Indies


Active Member
the reason they only sell pstwo's as a bundle with games is quite simply to make money. i work for a competitor and we had to do the same thing-apparently we only made a fiver on every pstwo we sold although now we can sell them on their own. i think some stores feel they can hold out for the same kind of money they were getting for them at chrimbo :nono:


Standard Member
I just figured it was to shift all the [email protected] games they havent been able to sell over the xmas period, not one of the bundles had anythign half way decent with it other wise i would have gone for one of the other options.

Oh well i ended up happier anyway i dont like the new slimline ps2, the top open lid would mean it wont fit in its current home.


Distinguished Member
I used to work for my local EB before it turned to a game store. We could split the deals up to just sell a console at leasure, but we was told to try to sell punters a deal (and look anywhere else to see if they can get it cheaper then come back and we'll price match it) Since it turned to game it has gone down hill and the new manager (who is middle aged and has not got the goggist idea about games what so ever!) it has gone down so fast, I now buy new and second hand games online where ever possible, and other than that I use my local gamestation or independent games shop.

The service and staff at game are absolutly terrible and for getting hold of the promo t shirts that they wear, is now impossible. I used to buy about £150 worth of games and ask for a few promo t shirts and the staff let me have some and saved them for me, now in all the stores they just say 'oh I wont give these up I'll get a mint on ebay for them' The bloody cheek of it. A true gamer who collects this stuff and they have really driven me away from that type of attitude. If you spend a lot of your income on games and have been a loyal and regular customer the least they can give you is the time of day



Standard Member
Damnation is there nowhere i can spend my money that isnt part of the devils consortium!?

Munkey Boy

Distinguished Member
This all came about when the PS2 and Xbox shortage happened at christmas. Basically when they sell hardware, the profit margin is very small, so the way to make some money is to sell bundles including games that no-one in their right mind would pay money for on their own and not sell the consoles on their own.

Its true they would lose some sales from people such as yourself that just want the console alone, but Game don't care as they sell all their limited stock to those who don't have a clue what a decent game is.


Im certainly not getting my next gen stuff, from them, can anybody reccmend another good retail store in england for consoling? dont fancy buying a ps3 online, preffer to do shop :p. maybe gamestation?

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
gamestation are a lot better than game.

Might be just my local one, but they were very helpful when I got my Xbox, whereas the dickheads in game didn't have a clue about anything.

Makes me laugh when they asked the 'manager' who looked about 20!!


Distinguished Member
GAME are now just a useless corporate machine who don't care in the slightest about games - only profit. Another sad bi-product or mass market gaming! I remember going into my local independent (Spectrum which became Yorcom) in York on a Saturday and my mates and I would spend ages chatting about what games were coming out and trying out the latest Megadrive & Amiga games. We would generally then come out a few hours later with a new Megadrive game that we rushed home to play. The staff were all avid gamers and the shop even had a few coin ops at the back (Rampage, Gauntlet etc).

Video game shops these days are full of spotty kids that tend to know very little and a shelf full of games that merely appeal to the mass market. You can't go in and have a chat with them and the whole games shopping experience is now very dull.

Personally I now buy ALL of my games off the net as they are far cheaper and I get about the same level of conversation out of the staff of say Gameplay as I do in Game.

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