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Dec 3, 2003
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It's true! Today is Metal Arms: Glitch In The System for Gamecube for only £15! Nice!
I take it this is internet only?

When do the offers start? early morning?
XIII for XBOX £14.50 inc p&p today
arrived this morning so big :smashin: to game for service. All I've got to do now is find the time to play it.
I keep missing the offers - the best ones seem to happen while I'm at work

The other day it was a Gameboy SP for £29.99 - I would definately have had one of those if I could have got on the internet at 12.00 :mad:

The offer time changes every day from 12pm to 7pm (eg Mon 12pm, Tue 7pm, Wed 12pm, Thu 7pm etc...) and as I said the best offers seem to be on the days when the offer time is 12pm and everyone is at work.

Tonight though, I managed to get Ratchet & Clank 2 for PS2 £19.99 :clap:
your kidding, a gamboy advanced sp for only 29.99, if i new i would have bought 10 and sold them on ebay.
I'm sure the t&c says only one purchase , but I could be wrong
yea they do, i just saw that, god i so wish i new about that, i want one but carnt afford £80. i'm saving up for another surround sound system for my bedroom. anyway, i might have a way to get loads of money, i'm gonna buy loads of those stargate box sets from for £15 and re sell them on ebay for £35 n then i might be able to afford some of these great deals.
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...I may be being thick here, but why would people pay £35 on ebay when they also could buy them for 15 quid on Amazon.

Are you sure this is a good money making scheme ? I am sure that this may be a limited offer from Amazon, but even so - it's a risk.
how is it a risK, just take alok they go from £30 to £40, so i sell the three box sets i have now for £105 make £90 (rest to ebay for sellnig,vat..) then if it keeps going for that much il just keep buying and sellnig as much as i can. but not but in big batches incase its suddenly drops n no on pays that much any more.
It was GC Viewtiful Joe today: alas now sold out.

Got it for less than their sale price anyway, by hanging round sleazy second-hand shops: I recommend Cash Converter stores.

MAX PAYNE 2 for PC 14-99 today
Excellent, thanks for that John

Must say, very impressed with my first purchase from Game.

Ordered yesterday lunch time delivered this morning.

Hope they dont put too much good stuff up , it could workout expensive
The deal of the day is not mentioned on the Game homepage anymore! - Does anyone know if its gone forever?
Bah :( and heres me checking every hour at work then getting a call from the networks teams asking my line manager what I'm up to! Now they've stopped it! :grrrr:
GAME's February Deal of the Day is now over. MODs please close this. But I am sure that I'll be starting another thread like this for the next deal of the day. Next time I'll edit the 1st post everyday so people can see what's on the Deal of the Day at the moment. I'm sure there will be an April GAME deal of the day. I think they're gonna have Billy Hatcher for like a tenner on Easter Sunday or something. Now THAT, I would buy!
Just got an email and games deal of the day is back for April -with a new twist. Dont know what that means
they'll probably put the deals on at random times so everyone is not waiting at 12:00pm to bid..

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