Game Advance SP Region Coding?

Roland @ B4

Active Member
Can anyone tell me is there such a thing as regional coding on Gameboy Advance SP.
Or in other words will software run on gameboys bought in other countries. or visa versa. ;)

Thanks in Adavance:D :rolleyes:

Matt Horne

Well-known Member
None whatsoever.. you can play what u like from alround the world. No GB has ever had a region lockout..



Roland @ B4

Active Member
Oh if the rest of the AV industry was the same how easy life would be.

Many thanks

Paul Williams

Active Member
Language, is however a bit of a barrier if you get some of the Japanese ones.



Well-known Member
Having said all this, I bet the PSP will have some kinda region lock! I doubt the Nintendo DS will since it should be backwards compatible with the GBA and GB.
yes, i think PSP will probably having region coding problems. it is very stupid that DVD's over the world are using region locks at the 1st place, there is no point on doing that at all :thumbsdow

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