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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Jeff Notter, Sep 28, 2002.

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    I encountered the Gallo NM's at Heathrow after being invited along by a friend and like many of you I was impressed by their performance and style.

    I'm a comparative novice and starting from scratch. My AV requirements are somewhat of a compromise rather than audiophile perfection per pound. Whilst wanting to achieve a good sound quality for my budget, I want the system to be discreet yet attractive. By the time a full set of Gallos (plus stands and decent cabling) have chewed through my budget I'm only left with about £600 for the AV amp and DVD player. I'm aware that a better balance/peformance would probably be obtained by lowering my spend on speakers and increasing the funds for the remainder, but future upgrades/budget will have to take care of that. The long term aim being to provide the Gallos with worthy partners including a plasma when prices have become within reach.

    My initial request for help/advice is in two areas

    Firstly. I acknowledge that seperates usually produce the best performance solution, but from an asthetic point of view I would prefer to keep the AV amp and DVD player as similar as possible. The performance based option I have come up with is the Marantz SR4200 and DV4100OSE. Apparently good performers but I'm sure few would agrue that stlye is not one of their top priorities. I have also noticed the NAD L75/55 combination and imminent L70 - big on style yet discreet (in my opinion). I can obtain the L75/55 combination for my £600 budget despite an rrp of £1K. Whilst it appears that the "Lifestyle" tag sometimes comes with a quality/performance penalty the £600 price may restore these to some extent. I have only found one brief review on these, the lack of comment raises some further questions. Has anyone had first hand experience of these?

    Secondly, I would like to know the possible adverse implications of using a comparitively low power AV amp with the Gallos. The L75 and L70 offer 5x40W and 5x45W

    Many thanks in advance - Waiting to be educated!
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    I was in exactly your situation myself recently and what i did was buy my speakers and amp first,and then wait a few months before getting my DVd player.
    In the meantime you can still listen to your setup on prologic 2 for Tv and Video.

    You can get a good matching amp for £600 i'd guess:)

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