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May 16, 2002
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My girlfriend and I had the good fortune to visit Uncle Eric last night (thanks again Eric) to hear beauty versus the beast (M&K pro set-up head to head with the Gallos).

Having read the other threads about the Gallos I hadn't imagined that they could be so close to the £9K package as everybody else was saying - particularly as I already auditioned them once at a central London dealer and was distinctly unimpressed.

I was wrong.

I lost count of the number of times I had to ask - so is this the M&Ks playing now...?

The highs were superb and the bass clean, tight and mean in all the right places (ok, not as mean as the Velodyne but I swear overexposure to that thing has to knacker your eardrums!). Most impressive of all (and the area in which I was disappointed last time I listened) was the midrange - Sailing Away by Styx played in Stereo sounded incredibly crisp and airy - difficult qualities to reproduce in the track at the best of times. When it came to movies, the SAM / F-16 sequence in Behind Enemy Lines was frightening - I've got to get that DVD to watch with the Gallos back at home.

Set up correctly, these speakers seem very difficult to beat - if you've had a listen already and been disillusioned I would seriously urge you to listen again. It's the spherical revolution and I gotta get me some and join the front line!!!
Hi Will,
Thanks for your kind words. Its interesting that you were not impressed by them with your original demo. I've heard this problem before and can only suggest that some dealers just don't know how to set up systems correctly. This incompetence works against them of course as ultimately, they waste their time, your time, and a sale.
To further the mystery, the Gallo system is one of the easiest pieces of kit I've ever put together in my demo room. Heck it took all of 20 minutes to set up.

As you've mentioned, once set up, these things give just about anything a run for their money. Incredible.

I've just returned from AV Expo in Heathrow and met up with several friends including Charlie Whitehouse who I draged along to the Gallo room. When we walked in, the good folks from Gallo were doing a DVD demo and were spinning the race scene from "Fast and Furious" using a pair of their MPS-150 subs.
Of course, this is not the most revealing thing to listen to when auditioning speakers but it gave an idea as to just how dynamic these little beasts are.
After parting what was left of our hair down the middle, we listened to some music tracks in straight stereo.

While the environment was far from ideal (music and soundtracks blaring out from every room and folks talking over most tracks) the Nucleus Micro's still managed to convey their enormous talent to all concerned.

I'll let Charlie tell the rest of the story.

I sense that I'm being prompted here. Yes I did go along with Eric to the Gallo room. I would have gone there anyway, because that was one of the few products there I was really interested to see/hear. I wasn't dragged, other than willingly!

I wasn't prepared for the sheer volume level in that, let's face it, small room. It was difficult to credit that that much sound could come from such small enclosures! It was pretty much jaw-dropping. Compared to my own system, they were a little less refined. True, but we're talking orders of magnitude difference in cost here.

As for music, I won't really comment here. They weren't bad but I find that hotel rooms have pretty awful acoustics for music, and with the background noise from other rooms it would be wrong to try and draw final conclusions from what I heard. You really need to audition these in quiet surroundings and see how they stack up.

But suffice to say, if you want lifestyle speakers with great WAF (I hadn't realised how ****ing small these balls and the sub are!!!), forget BOSE, these Gallos are well worth a listen. :D
Originally posted by triplebj
Did they have the Due speakers at the AV Expo ?
Thanks for your comments.

Yes they did. I'll have these up at the Batcave next week for an evaluation. These are very novel looking and almost look like a figure of eight (two Micrs's stuck together) with a super tweeter in the middle. I'm a little worried about the perceived value of the due's as these retail at, gulp £600 each :eek:
I can't comment on how good they are for the very reasons Charlie has said. A noisy little hotel room is really not the best place for critical listening.

I will be down on Sunday, I wonder if they will let me borrow a pair? :rolleyes:
I have been observing the interest in these speakers grow over the past several days, and must admit, am intrigued. Like many people, I have been put off the Gallos somewhat by their size and how other subsat systems sound. I have heard the Ruark Vita system and the ubiquitous KEF eggs and liked neither, mostly because of the poor subs in both systems. So a question for those in the know, what is the sub like in the Gallo system and how does it compare with, say, REL Q200 or MJ Acoustics 100 or Vibe Beta? Can you, or should you, use a different sub with the Gallos.

Originally posted by russraff
So a question for those in the know, what is the sub like in the Gallo system and how does it compare with, say, REL Q200 or MJ Acoustics 100 or Vibe Beta? Can you, or should you, use a different sub with the Gallos.
Hi Russel,
In my book, any good sub can be used with any good Sat system. The Gallo MPS 150 is not a good sub its an outstanding one. However, having said all this, the Gallo MPS 150 does not have anywhere near the bass extension of my two favourite sub £500 subwoofers, the now deceased (but nowhere near obselete) REL Q100E (around £300 used when you can find one) and the very much alive (untouchable for the money) £325 pound Velodyne CHT-10.

The Gallo MPS 150 is a superb solid performer. Fairly trouble free to set up, and good, solid and smooth in the 30Hz-80Hz area.
Gallo are realistic and will be the first to tell you that things do of course tail off this baby once it hits around the 30Hz level.

The strength of this sub actually lies in the marriage with the Nucleus Micro's. They feel so "together" and it seems to give the Micro's just the right amount of mid-range body, substance and articulation that they need below the 80Hz mark. As should be the case, the soul of the Micro's seems to be lost when this little beauty is disengaged.

Going back to your original question, how does the Gallo sub compare to the Q200, Vibe Beta, and MJ pro 50?
IMO, the Q150 and 200 were probably the worst subs REL produced. Up until last month that is when they introduced another stinker in the Quake.
While the Vibe beta is marginally more acceptable, this is also a sub that is not up to par IMO.
The MJ 50 is a decent little sub that does what it can with a small driver powered by a 50 watt amp. Its not a particularly strong performer but what it does it does well.
The 150 watt MPS sub by Gallo is the best of this bunch. Its well designed, built like a brick $hithouse, does its job with aplomb and really takes some beating.
If I were buying the Nucleus Micro's I wouldn't use anything else.

Once again I think Eric sums it up nicely. I get the impression that many were surprized at my glowing endorsement of this tiny sub many months ago when I, Eric and others were openly critical of the 200 and many other small subs, especially when each box is only 6 inches tall! It just works so damn well with the balls that it is a perfect match making Them like a large full range speaker. If you want to add a sub for those 12hz signals at a later stage I am sure Eric will sell you a HGS and buying Gallos doesn't stop this (though your wife might!).

It also works well with other speakers. This sub is a qulity bit of kit and it can go dual....:)
Uncle Eric / Nic,

Having recently joined this forum, the one valuable piece of advice I gained was the importance of a personal demo.
I still read the various magazines and peruse these forums, but mainly to shortlist the various pieces of kit for a demo.

I have recently taken delivery of a Tosh 56WHO8B to be accompanied shortly by a Tosh 510E. The next purchase is an amplifier, possibly a Denon 3802. Any thoughts/comments?

However, I am reading the current thread concerning the Gallo speakers and am anticipating an entertaining demo when:
several contributors express their dissatisfaction with their demo and Uncle Eric, who seems to know what he is talking about and who is highly regarded on these forums, explains that a lot of dealers haven't got a clue when conducting demonstrations.
I am a complete novice. How am I to know whether it is the dealer at fault or that it is the equipment that is duff?

From the comments of the several contributors who appear to know what is what, I am predisposed towards the Gallos.

How would they match the rest of my gear and where in the Bristol / Taunton area could I get a demo?
TIA, Brian.
Originally posted by Brian Hussey
I am a complete novice. How am I to know whether it is the dealer at fault or that it is the equipment that is duff?

Unfortunately there is no way that a "complete novice" can tell. Another problem is that room acoustics can affect the sound to a great degree and what sounds good in a dealer's demo room might not at your home and vice versa.
Hi Brian,
There are just so many variables in systems and acoustics that the whole demonstration experience IMO should be taken as a guide. As Ian pointed out, things will sound different once back home no matter what. Whether they sound better or worse is again dependent on variables.
As a dealer and custom installer myself, I've always said that its the dealers duty to demo the equipment to the best of its ability. If anything, this is business sense. The customer visits the dealers demo room with a view to buy. The dealer spends his time with a view to selling that customer hardware. The dealer must make their best efforts to squeeze every last drop of performance out of that hardware.
I use fairly high end eqipment when showing the Gallo's (and anything else) off. It may be argued that this is wrong because some may use an inferior amp/reciever or ancillaries thus won't achieve performance to quite this level. Personally speaking, I feel that this is the wrong way of thinking because its my duty to show what these things can do. Anyone who demo's these at less than their best, is selling the equipment short as well as wasting their time and the customers.
Listening to eqipment at its best at least gives the customer an idea as to what is achievable with that particular piece of hardware in the chain, whatever it may be.

I think the nearest Anthony Gallo dealers to you are Sound Acadamy in Birmingham. Alternately, you are very welcome to come down to North London and visit The Batcave.

Originally posted by uncle eric
its the dealers duty to demo the equipment to the best of its ability.

As opposed to a demo of the equipment to the best of his ability which is sometimes the case.
That my friend is a secret, just project an image of the bat above the skys of NORTH LONDON and listen for the Rumble of godzilla, follow the sub sonic waves and yee shall be enlightened.....................................................To the sound of the gallos...........

Sorry its late....................:blush:

It's erics demo room in North London village.;)
Uncle Eric and Ian J,

Thank you for your response.

From your comments, it would appear that I would gain very little from travelling to--say-- Birmingham and getting a demo of some speakers that sounded ok at the dealers and then, because of acoustic differences in my living room, sounded rubbish at home!

This aspect of the ( modest ) home cinema set up is becoming a nightmare.

Do you know if there are dealers out there who are prepared to give demonstrations in one's own home?

Neither of you commented on the suitability or otherwise of the Denon 3802 with the rest of my set up. All advice welcome.

Once again, many thanks for your helpful input, Brian.
Hi Brian,
The keyword about equipment sounding different in your living room environment is "different" not worse.
Yes, a top notch demo room will have been designed from the ground up built to an ideal ratio with various acoustic treatments etc and yes you wouldn't be able to complete with these. However, most dealers do not possess a facility of this standard. Many dealers demo rooms are ill designed. Some are too dead, some too alive and many ill equiped. I'm sure there ARE some very good ones out there (I've yet to see one) but they are few and far between.

Some living room environments are really not too bad. Heavy curtains, sofa's and other soft furniture will help a great deal to deaden the room while things like bookcases etc offer mild diffusion. Providing your equipment is set up correctly, you have just as much chance of improving sonics in your room as you have against.

Your equipment wish list will be absolutely fine with the Gallo's and the 3802 will drive them well. The 510 is also a good player. The Toshiba 56W is a fairly tall RPTV so care must be taken as to the hight of where your centre speaker ends up. For example, if you are using the micro table mount for placing the centre atop your TV, and use the Wallflower stands for main L/R, your centre speaker will be higher than the L/R. To squeeze every drop of performance from the Gallo's, like all front soundstage set-ups, all front three mains (L/C/R) should ideally be at the same level and equidistant to the main listening position.

There is a good chance that The Sound Acadamy in Birmingham will do "home demo's" you might want to try asking them.

Originally posted by THX 1138
That my friend is a secret, just project an image of the bat above the skys of NORTH LONDON and listen for the Rumble of godzilla, follow the sub sonic waves and yee shall be enlightened.....................................................To the sound of the gallos...........

Sorry its late....................:blush:

It's erics demo room in North London village.;)

Thanks. Is this something than I can casually visit, or do I need to know a secret handshake to gain entrance. I'm will probably be looking for new speakers next year (once I'vbe recovered from paying for the Tag kit) and would like to start auditioning speakers over the next few months.



You sound like a stranger to the Power Buy forum where Eric arranges good deals for forum members. He is currently offering a good price on Gallo or M&K Pro speakers plus Velodyne subs but "watch this space" as they say.

I am sure that Eric will demonstrate to serious purchasers but by appointment only.
Thanks, I am indeed a stranger to the Power Buy section, not least because my cheque book is still refusing to talk to me after buying a Tag DVD player. I've only just started to look around for speakers, so I've been following this debate with interest.


Take your mind off the open wallet surgery & get a HGS-18:)

Money!.....over-rated i reckon:rolleyes:

I casually walked into Lintone Audio in the Metro Centre today, This to those who don't know is a very large shop and they are dealers for Tag, b&w, audio fidelity et al, you know expensive brands and that(although they also had Bose, he he he:p ).

As I walked past the Tag area, they had a pair of B&W CDNT ? the big floorstanders at £2k. They sounded beautiful, but i kept walking past and into the AV room. While in there I happened to mention I was interested in replacing my Boston THX speakers with something a bit more musical, and gave the short list, B&W CDNT 1 and centre (£1.3K) the M&K S85s and Centre(£1275) and I also mentioned I was waiting to hear the Jamo D6 & D7 THX LCR's, and the Gallo Micros.

"Ah, The Micros" said the salesman, "we have a pair set up over with the Tag stuff", "Really" I answered racking my brain to think if i had seen them. So we walked back to the B&W CDNTs and right enough next to them were two gallos on flower stands and the little Round sub. "Jesus," I thought, these are smaller than i was thinking. I began to think Eric and Nic had been playing a joke on us all, and starting to doubt what had been said in these boards. The B&W's were playing at quite loud volumes and sounded brilliant(as they should at £2k). The sales man up plugged the bannas from the B&W's and plugged them into the small Gallo sub.

Let me explain the layout of the shop to those that don't know, the hi-fi area is twice the size as the AV area, and is about 100ft x 50ft. It is not very well carpeted and has flat walls. I was begining to doubt these little things would sound very good in here.

And yes my fears were correct, these little things sounded terrible, no middle or bottom end at all playing Guns and Roses of the Dab tuner, BUT hang on a minute the salesman is going back to the sub, and is switching it on. Nothing! He had switched the Dab tuner off. "Right whats your favourite type of music" said the salesman, "ER put anything a bit rocky or whatever, i'm not fussed",i said, by now dejected that these were going to suck big time.

A few minutes later the salesman came back loaded a CD into the CD transport.................................Bloody hell!!!
It can't be I thought, so i walked over to the Gallos putting my hand over them to make sure they were actually playing, these little gems were just filling the entire area with rich, powerful, extremely detailed sound, and that sound stage was just so wide, but at the same time extremely focussed.

I stood there for a few minutes, the grin on my face getting wider and wider, "Turn them up a bit" i said trying to get them to trip up, volume now at very loud levels, no distortion, no screaming upperend, just blissfully balanced sweet sound. By this time another person was standing next to me, i was still staring forward towards these tiny speakers, as was this other male, staring with grins. a few minutes more passed........."there good aren't they," said this voice next to me, never turning to look at him i Replied "Yes". This other male walks forward and he puts his hand over them, just to check we are not being cheated. He walks back again, standing next to me. I then walk forward and check that the B&Ws are actually unplugged and none of the Rels next to the little Sub are working, they are not, I walk back again, backwards never taking my eyes of these little gems. We just stand there, huge smiles accross our faces.

The main star, the SUB, jesus this tiny little thing was pumping out loads of mid and bottom detail, the salesman switches it off again, and bang there goes the soundfield, on again and so are the grins.

Then this little gremlin appears on my shoulder, "These things are better than your Boston THx LCRs", is the thought running through my head. I gulp and get a bit of male machoism, I can't possibily replce my big Bostons with these? They are tiny Lifestyle like speakers. But another voice is saying to me that these are better than the S85s i had just listened to earlier that day, No they cant be, can they?

The truth is, I am scared! These things are brilliant, and i mean that, I have heard some of the best and these things, for the money are unbelievable. But how can I possibly put these in my dedicated room, its just not natural, is it?

If you have not heard these yet then be warned, unless you want to part with money stay away!!

I am now seriously thinking of Buying these for the Dedicated room and running them with my new Velodyne CHT15. But then again this other voice is saying NO. But thats just because they are small, and it still feels un natural to have small speakers.

I think I might need some time in a dark room ro get over this experience today.


I appreciate your useful comments. Plenty to think about.

Thanks again, Brian.
In case anyone did not know, there is a brief review of Gallo micros in HCC. There gave 4 stars, the reason being that the gallo rely on subwoofer for lower midrange.

That proves Eric's comment on the Gallo's sub intergrates so well with the Micros.
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