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You must give a review when you get them buns as they look like something even the wife would like around the lounge.

Have you bought them for surround duties or stereo? or just for tinkering :D




I just bought them out of curiousity, i need a pair for my bedroom anyhow so they will probably end up there.

I'll have to see if i can get hold of a pair of gallos as well..... i havent properly heard them which would make comparisons difficult.

If nothing else, these little guys look really nice and do as some furniture!

You can also get bigger versions, the top model looks quite menacing really!



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how bizarre are they?!:eek: Isn't it a bit weird to have one model that features two different designs? ie the rosewood and marble 3.0s are completely different shapes and made of different material and will have a totally different sound.
Never seen a speaker like those before tho. the 4.0s are hilarious, they look sort of animal-shaped. The company should think about rewritting their website tho it sounds like it was written by a teenager.

Let us know what they sound like tho Buns.


I just got a box this morning........

Not what i was expecting really..... keep in mind £100 for the pair including express delivery from the other side of the world..... sound i cant say much, they sound a bit tinny, listen to one of them and they sound horrible, but get them both going and get to a good listening position and the sonic picture is great for the money..... and i can only hope for them to get better, they have only been going for a half hour.

The one thing that will catch nyone....... they are gorgeous! I dont mean attractive, i mean plain stunning. They must be 12 inches long and 8 high so not as small a i thought. The finish is the clincher. We must be talking no more than £70 for the speakers ex delivery, but the rosewood finish is not just some stick on crappy stuff, it is a thick real wood cabinet which has had a touch of piano lacquering done....... they look really ornamental and if any wife ever had a problem with them, then there would be no way to please her!

Unfortunately they are an xmas pressie for my folks, so listening tests cannot really be done til after xmas, but i'll repost back.



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Originally posted by buns
... listening tests cannot really be done til after xmas, but i'll repost back.
And he never did :(


I dont got a clue about speakers but for sure this ones can be anything but gorgeous.
I sure think this are the worse looking speakers I seen in my whole life



The nOrh Pyramid Series:

The Pyramid has four full range drivers mounted on all four sides of the speaker. Each side is tuned so that the sound coming from each side is identical. This means that no matter where you sit, you are sitting, you will hear exactly the same thing. If the speaker happens to be to your left, you will hear the same as if you are sitting right in front of the speaker. With a pair of Pyramids, you will enjoy the full fidelity of the music, no matter where you are sitting.
What would a 7.1 setup of these sound like in a closed room !!!

Very Ugly speaker.


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Looks like one of those de-ionizer pyramid thingies. =\

What if you sit below it (e.g. if you want to use it as a hat)? Then it'll sound like balls...



The 9.0 looks like a identical tweeter in my Ruark Etudes.

Finish on the black marble looks fantastic!


sorry guys! The interest that first appeared led me to forget totally!

The speakers are gorgeous in the flesh no matter what anyone says! They are hand carved and finshed beautifully, i chalenge anyone to find me a more nicely finished speaker!

Performance wise..... since it is late and im tired, i'll give a very quick sum up. The enclosures themselves are relatively small, as such it is unsurprising that the sound is not exactly enormous in the bass department. Size there may not be, but there is plenty of punch, the cabinet design i think enhances this because of the method of porting, but there is definitely bite in lower frequencies.

Over all, the speakers manage a nice sonic picture. Properly set up there is little hearing the speakers themselves, they blend in and you would swear the sound was coming from the center. But, the sound is not exactly beafy..... or warm. It is quite clinical at times to be honest and possibly does not invite listening to some harsher types of music.

Another point to note is that these are complete dogs out of the box! It took a long time before they showed what they can do!

to sum up, these are not perfect, they lack bass extension, warmth and can have a bite at higher frequencies with nasty music. On the plus side, they are not overly coloured, they have a punch sound and manage to image really very well. In my view this is really a very good little speaker considering th £100 pricetag per pair.



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They do look v.v. good VFM I must admit. Serious bass extension wouldn't be expected anyway !!! Just wish I could see some in real life :(

Thanks for the review (at long last !).


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