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Hi everyone.

I've finally got my Gale storm 8 sub working after not having a power cable.
It sounds ok, its certainly bassy enough for me but I don't think I have it setup correctly.

On the back are 'Level' and 'Frequency' knobs and connections 'High level in, Left and right' and 'High level out, left and right' also 'Line in left and right'

At the moment I have it connected to my AVR via a single lead, Line in left connected to the subwoofer connection in the AVR.

It's the first subwoofer I have, so I really don't know what they all do, and I don't have an instruction manual and cannot get one from the Gale website either. I've had a read of the FAQ but I couldn't find an answer.

My setup is:
Yamaha RX-V359 AVR
Gale Moviestar floorstanders, centre and bookshelf rears

Used for movies rather than music.


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:hiya:Turn the cross over all the way up on the subwoofer and volume about half way then go into your amps menu and select 80hz/100hz and change all speakers to small hope this helps (sorry about the caps my keyboard is knackered) :smashin:

EDIT: Moderator helping hand: CAPS > lowercase


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Thanks paul,

by crossover, do you mean frequency?
I have frequency set at low, and level at half way.

There is no option in my amp for 80/100hz, but I can change the speaker size. What difference does that make, as at the moment I have them all set to big.

Also what are the 'High level in' and 'High level out' connections for, they look like speaker connections.


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at the momment your bass is coming through your speakers as you have the set them to large set them to small and you will notice a difference in bass from your sub if there is no basss managment on your amp set the dial on your sub to 80hz or 100hz / high level/low level connections are for wiring your front 2 speaker to your sub and back to the amp hope this helps you

ps im learning too mate :thumbsup:

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