Gale 3080/3090 v MS309

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by ghdcodriver, Nov 5, 2004.

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    with a lot of shared componentry...
    and similar looking cabinets etc...

    why are these subs regarded in such opposite ways? (ie, Gale=bad, MS=good)

    i dont understand it. are there major fundamental differences that make the MS309 so much better than its budget branded siblings? :suicide:
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    Where did you read that the Gales are bad? I have experience of the 3080, 3090 and 309 but as far as i'm aware the Gales have always had quite good reviews. Certainly they're not as good as the 309, but remember they're quite a bit cheaper as well.

    As far as i remember the Gales have 100-ish Watt analogue amplifiers whereas the MS has a 150W Switching type - this is more efficient, runs cooler, so should in theory have a longer life! I use a pair of 3080's as part of my DJ setup and at the end of the evening the rear panels are so hot they are barely touchable!

    The Gales also have paper based cones with foam surrounds but the MS has the CPC aluminium alloy cone with rubber surround - more robust than the paper type and won't suffer from the dreaded foam rot but there's nothing essentially wrong with the paper ones for low bass.

    Finally the MS has the jewel in the crown - the notch filter, which in my experience works really well.

    In summary i'd say there's nothing wrong with any of them, but the MS is the pick if you're able or willing to spend the extra money!


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