Galaxy Tab 10.1 dilema


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I'm due for my upgrade in a few days and I've settled on getting a Tab. The dilema is who to go through.

Vodafone are offering me the tab for free on a 24 month contract at £32 a month, on an internet contract.

Carphone Warehouse are offering it as a free gift on a phone contract 24 months 600 minutes at £31 a month as my vodafone upgrade.

If I go for the Vodafone, I'll have to get a sim plan with gifgaff for £20 a month, and with insurance on the tab, it comes to around £60 a month.

If I go with CW it comes to around £45 - £50 a month including insurance.

Now, I know it seems like a no brainer to go with cw, but my concern is over the tab being a "free gift" that they're giving. In other words (and I may be wrong), legally the contract between cw and myself would be for the 600 minutes on 24 months .The tab is a free gift, and therefore not covered under the contract, and I'll still be bound to the contract if the tab isn't the one I expect (as they dont state what model the tab is, only that it's 10.1). I've phoned them on two separate occassions, but some of the staff at cw don't inspire you with confidence, if you know what I mean.

On the other hand, Vodafone have told me that they're offering is the latest (so presumably the 10.1n or the 10.1 (as opposed to the 10.1v)), and that it's wifi & 3g.

I suppose, when it boils down to it, the dilema is, whether it's worth paying an extra £250 (over 24 months) for piece of mind by going directly through Vodafone ?

Or, am I just paranoid regarding cw and all the slagging off I've read about them recently (I know that there's bad opinions regarding every network and 3rd party out there) ?


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If your ordering over the Internet from CW you have DSR so can return it if its not what you expected.


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Just though I'd update:

Went with Vodafone in the end. Got the tablet for free on £27 a month 24 month contract. And, they also gave me a new line for £15.50, 900 minutes + 3000 texts. Including insurance on the tab it comes to £52.50 a month, only £5.50 more than I'm paying now.

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