Galaxy s6/edge signal


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Afternoon all. I'm in the process of ditching my iPhone 5s and looking to jump to a galaxy s6, I like to read reviews etc and has seen many issues with the reception that the s6 receives and that it's almost no signal at all . People have come from the same network upgrading from an s4 to the 6 saying it's not a provider issue but a phone . Can anyone confirm this issue or has it been resolved with the latest batch of phones ??


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Had an S4 and upgraded to the S6 Edge at launch and have had no signal problem or no difference from the S4.


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Ditto only I don't have the edge!


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Many thanks to you both .


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I had a S6 edge but I've went back to my HTC m8 just now. While the signal on the edge was generally ok, at work where I would get 1 bar and a data signal with the m8 the s6 wouldn't get a signal at all and I'm pretty sure the lack of signal was causing a battery drain as it would be constantly scanning.

It probably depends on where your going to be using it as I'd imagine its the design and where the antenna is located that creates the issue.

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