Galaxy S3 screen compared to iphone4


I've moved from my 2yr old+ iphone 4 to a Galaxy S3. I like the Android OS and the S3 itself is fast and fluid to use, so absolutely no complaints with usability. I've also got all my music/videos across from itunes as well so have all the content I wanted and with the SD slot can have all of it on the phone at one time. :thumbsup:
The one negative thing that has struck me though is that looking at the S3 face on, with brightness on auto and when dialled up to full the on screen whites just aren't white. I'm comparing the white background in e-mail or when browsing the web and they have more of a grey/off white cast to them when sat beside the old iphone or my nexus 7 tablet.
It's sort of balanced out by photo's having more pop than on the iphone screen (I'm talking ones I've taken with dslr, scaled down and viewed on both handsets) but I do wonder if there's something I can do about the off whites ?
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I've settled on standard for now, but natural was 2nd best. Think I just need to accept it but it is a little disappointing.


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Thats largely one of the differences of LCD Vs AMOLED screens - AMOLED has much blacker blacks and more vibrant colours but the whites are not as truley white.


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To the OP, there is an additional power saving feature ...
- home screen, settings, power saving: make sure screen power saving and background colour are unchecked
- internet application, 'colours' set to default
This will bring your nice white backgrounds back!


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Just got an s3 and have noticed the same as the op but mine has a yellow tint when you look at it straight on but tilt is slightly and the whites are perfect, is this a fault or something I have to live with?


Thanks for the suggestions, power saving is disabled. Colours were set to default under the standard browser.
Whites look OK on the s3, it's only when it's sat beside something else (like my iphone4) that the difference is really noticeable, for me at least.

A few weeks later and I've accepted the less than perfect whites for what I feel is an overall better display, blacks are darker, colours pop and pictures and video look better, and not forgetting the bigger screen. My iphone 4 is sat on a shelf and there's no way I'd want to go back to it now - I was checking something on it today and it feels really cramped and small in comparison. That comes as a surprise to me considering I thought the S3 was too big when I first got it.

Jimx26, mine is the same. I think it's just a funny thing with amoled displays and the viewing angle, but it is a little weird. To be honest I've stopped noticing it now and am very happy with the s3. Everyone else that's played about with my s3 has been impressed as well and no one else has said anything negative about the display at all!

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