galaxy s3 keyboard help


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Hi, so had my s3 for a few days, coming from an s2. Very happy but have a problem/question with the keyboard.

I don't like the stock keyboard so I used "handcent sms" on the s2 so thought would stick with it on the s3.

I have set it up for texting but when I go to say ebay or the internet it does not use the same keyboard it goes back to the standard one? Does anyone know how I set it so the same keyboard works on all?

I am sure I am doing something stupid and it is an easy fix but can not remember how I set it up on my s2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!:thumbsup:


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Haven't used that keyboard but my understanding is that you need to set it as default?

Go to settings - language and input - keyboards and input methods. Under this you should be able to see that you can set your default keyboard.

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