Galaxy S2 the best phone of 2011?


The galaxy S2 has received positive attention since it was released.

And it seems cnet (as well as other websites) think it's THE BEST phone this year

Best phone of 2011 | Reviews | CNET UK

Anyone disagree?

I personally think for top phones this year it's between the iphone 4s and galaxy s2, with the determining factor being whether you fancy android or ios.

What are peoples opinions?

I'm getting bored of the galaxy s2 hence it being up for sale, but it's been a great phone, but I find myself constantly alternating between ios, windows and android.

Truth be told I always crave the latest phone regardless of how "good" it is :laugh:
How do you rate the Galaxy Nexus against the S2? ICS and that bigger screen look very appealing right now.


How do you rate the Galaxy Nexus against the S2? ICS and that bigger screen look very appealing right now.

I've had quite a bit of time with one, and it doesn't do anything for me to be honest, it just doesn't make me want it.

My gs2 is running a custom rom, with all the bloatware removed so a galaxy nexus wouldn't offer me much over the gs2. ICS is not a selling point for me, it might be if I couldn't get it on the sgs2.

I'm going for a galaxy note, it will fill the gap between tablet and phone perfectly, and the note provides me with much more than the galaxy nexus can over the gs2.

The note has a bigger screen, a faster processor (although the gs2 can be overclocked with set cpu), a better camera than nexus.

The nexus just doesn't feel like a flagship phone, or rather it shows how good the galaxy s2 is, there have been quite a few high end handsets released since and none of them really "better" it, possibly equal it but nothing right now other than the note would give me a reason to upgrade from the gs2.


7 months since its release, and still arguably the best phone out there. I'd say it deserves the title of best phone of 2011.

The Nexus is nice, but its a late entry and its only really the screen that is any better than the S2, in other respects its actually worse.

The iPhone 4S doesn't really move the game on that much from the standard 4. Sure it has a powerful chipset, but is it any more powerful than an S2? Would you even notice?

Out of the other phones I used and liked, the Lumia 800 might be in with a shout, but I dont think it goes quite far enough to earn the accolade. Maybe with a slightly bigger screen and the camera quality of the N8.

S2 for me this year. I'm still more than happy with mine, and I'm pretty hard to please. Not perfect, but nothing is, but it is a very good phone.

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