Galaxy S10 v S10 Lite: Which one?

Paul MC007

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Hi all

Wonder if anyone can help? I'm in the market for a new phone. Previously always had Samsung Galaxy's 'S' series (currently on the S7 edge).

Now, I can't quite justify the contract monthly costs for the S20, so I've kind of narrowed down my search to the regular S10 or S10 lite. I really can't make my mind up between these two...

Basically, I much prefer the "look" of the S10 lite (flat screen, as opposed to curved edges) but unsure because it doesn't have the water/dust resistance? I'm pretty sure I could keep it free of water, but is dust build up a big issue?

I guess, over the S10, the S10 lite has a bigger screen, excellent battery and, I think, a similar quality camera to the regular S10? It has a macro lense over the telephoto on the regular S10. Can the regular S10 still take reasonably close up macro type shots?

The regular S10 over the S10 lite has water/dust resistance, stereo speakers, but smaller battery? For anyone that has one, what's the battery like on the regular S10?

I guess the most important things to me are camera quality and battery - both plus points for the S10 lite, so hence why I am having trouble deciding? They can both be had for similar values on contract at the moment, so not much in it, price wise....I'm really torn as thinking should go for the S10 as it was a flagship, but there again.......??!!!!

If you were deciding between these two, which would you choose?

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