Galaxy or Alhambra?


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I need a new big car. Currently I have a Fiat Multipla which is very practical but very unreliable and fugly.

I have been looking at a large MPV and have almost settled on a 2007/08 era Alhambra or Ford Galaxy. Now I know the Alhambra is a bit long in the tooth but should be reliable I am hoping, I don't mind too much about the rear seats not folding flat as I won't be doing that very much.

I actually need 5 full size seats such that car seats can go in the middle and one side of the back with an adult in the remaining seat, most cars have 2 full seats and a rubbishy middle one. These both have 3 independent full seats in the middle row.

The Galaxy is much newer of course but has no spare wheel and quality niggles with trim etc. Also I believe that it is very difficult to do anything with them without going to a dealer i.e. change a blown headlamp bulb.

I have pretty much not bothered looking at Renault/Citroen due to problems with them in the past.

Anyone any experience of these two cars or can suggest an alternative?



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There's a discussion about this topic in general about four threads down, including an 'outside the box' option of an adapter that lets you seat three kids in the back of any car, although it wouldn't support your one-adult-in-the-back requirement.

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