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Somehow I managed to miss the build up to the Gadget Show Live, so in turn missed the event itself! :facepalm:

Great to hear AVF did well, so well done to all involved. :thumbsup:
The AVForums stand was possibly one of the best things at the show, so yes, you did miss out! Hopefully we'll get chance to put a similar gig on again at some point in the future.

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From a reviewers point of view; It was nice to meet a wide mix of people. I spent hours handing bags out to passers by, but quickly cottoned on to the idea that it was better to suggest you were handing people a TV setup guide, with a bag to carry it in.

I'm no videophile, but that patter stopped 90% of people in their tracks. This was just me being gobby, but I realized in fairly short order that it works because most people have invested what they consider to be a fair amount of money in their TV. For most punters it's a fairly major technological purchase. I had to get video friendly pretty quickly.

Even a quick explanation of why your eyes might tire watching telly over an evening, because the out of the box settings are too aggressive, was sufficient to hook whole families in their tracks. Okay, the truly educated understand that a TV is just something to look at whilst you're listening to your speakers :)grin:), but I was genuinely surprised by how many people wanted to know more, once you pointed out the THX rest patterns on disks they already owned. People are used to being sold something, but we were pointing out they already had it, it didn't therefore cost anything and the principle issue was they hadn't used it.

In fact, this was, given the trade show nature of the Gadget Show, the single biggest hurdle to overcome - We're free! It would take punters several minutes to realize that we weren't flogging anything other than a free membership and even then, there is no requirement to actively use it. A weird proposition in this day and age, which probably explains the suspension of disbelief.

Me? It was worth it just to get physically assaulted (in a nice way!) by three lesbians...

Damn, they were funny.:clap:


In previous lives, I've worked a lot of shows of one type or another, but

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