G8 panel Viera


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Probably a very informative link if you can speak German? :(


I think the point ties in with this: new Vieras are set to arrive in the UK in April. Thought this was common knowledge though...


After my knowledge the new Viera should be based on 7th generation panel technology...not "G8"...


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For the lazy amongst you ...


... The new line builds upon the superior quality and reputation Panasonic has established in the flat-panel display arena with technologies such as sub-pixel control, which individually addresses the red, green and blue charges within one pixel, resulting in a 30% increase in horizontal resolution over previous models. The new panels are capable of reproducing a maximum of 8.6 billion colors, with thousands of gradations within the red, green and blue spectra, and the highest contrast ratio in the industry, to render an incredibly vivid picture with enhanced detail in dark scenes. Further advancements have been made in optimizing color purity with 3D color processing, and in ensuring outstanding picture quality in a wide range of ambient lighting conditions ...

Gussie :)


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I just ran the original German link through the Google translator. Not word perfect but you can get the jist of the article. Most interesting. Looks like the new PV500 Vieras will be compatible with both 1080i and 720p (I assume at 50hz but you can't assume anything with Panny :p ) and they will also include an HDMI socket, no mention of HDCP, maybe that bit didn't translate well. Looks like the PV500 Vieras are using HD glass no mention of resolution and the PA50 range will be using SD glass.

Thanks for the links :)



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Steve_P said:
assume at 50hz but you can't assume anything with Panny

The German Press release claims that the new Vieras will be HD Ready, so they should support 1080i/720p @ 50Hz.

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