G70 sony adjustment



Can someone please help me?

The green is having a wrong curve.
To much green when dark colors, and to little when the tube is having high output. Maybe the last one can be handled by gain.

I need "G2" but I don't have that on the Sony.
When I have no input signal on, 5BNC or video, the green is still giving a little light, even when cutoff is put to minimum.

I have borrowed a service manual but with the adjustment, I have not figured out what to do yet.

Do you have any idea on were to start??

The G2 adjustment is software driven press the BIAS key twice
Not any luck with that..
Also I have looked for a screen behind bios version.


Do you have other ideeas PLEASE!!!

There are adjustment on the b-board, and on the c-board.
That looks like they can do some good...

But the doc is not good...:confused:

When Sony updated the firmware from 1.03 to 1.10, they eliminated the servicemans ability to adjust the actual G2 voltage.

With the command The G2 adjustment is software driven press the BIAS key twice

So there have to be a way RS422 maybe??

what is the input?

if it is Component, you need to set it up in the onscreen service menu

if it is RGBHV, check that it does not have Sync on Green

the second one got me last week with a NEC 9PG

Good luck


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