G5 capable? (v Aurora 11)

I recently watched a video on the Dell G5 (desktop), by Tally Ho Tech, and noticed that the heat numbers pushed past 80.

I'm considering pulling the trigger on one, then running two monitors off it.

I'd heard the G5s have heat issues, but I've run an older HP for several years (i7-6700 @ 3.4GHz, 16.0GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960) - with dual screens - and not had any trouble.

This (G5) has to be ahead of that, so I wouldn't expect it to overheat, but then I have no experience with the G5. The only time my current (soon old) build gave me any issues was at the height of summer and the fans would pick right up, so I'd ease off tasks and it'd continue just fine.

Typical use is (World of) Warcraft on the main monitor and several browser tabs and perhaps a 720p video on the other.

It's this or an Aurora 11. I don't mind paying for that but, if a similarly specced G5 would do the job, I'd go for the G5.

(I'm aware of the benefits of building but, in this instance, do not intend to.)


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