G2 adjustment on BG1208/2

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Is there such a thing?

Have not got a manual for this and can't see any pots in the usual place as my 801s.

Have to run contrast at 70 to get anything like what is viewable, so guess that the voltage needs adjusting.

Is this a get a pro out type fix?

Any help always greatly appreciated.

Still a huge leap from my 801s and have not even got into the electronic focusing yet..............


Did I find the G2's near the power supply three pots, on different heights, made of plastic?

I tried to turn them up, but something started to compensate?

Am tread where the novice should fear to tread?

Also need to adjust the jokes to get a square picture, as skew is near max.

Forgot how annoying setting these up can be................. but so rewarding afterwards.


Roland @ B4

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In the service menu there should be a G2 setting screen.
On the board on the end of the tubes should have an LED wich you need to make go out when (and only when) you are in the G2 adjust menu. I think you have found the adjusters which If I recal are blue plastic about a CM square and have white pots with the ends painted.
You should use a plastic adjuster for these not metal screwdirver here as there is 35,000 volts buzzing around on that board. (best tuck your life insurance policy in your pocket too)

The yokes rarely need twisting unless someone balls up the previous install of the PJ. make certain the screen and projector are level.

uncle eric

Hi Nathan,
I've always found, and Roland might confirm this, that most Barco 8 inchers mostly hover around 70 for contrast and around 40-45 for brightness. All depending on tube wear of course.

Thanks, yeap sounds like the right pots, so i'll try it in the G2 set up menu. I'll tuck that life insurance policy in my pocket !!!!!!

Am sure that the pj is level and so is the screen, so maybe someone has balls up or compensated after installing the PJ.

Well gonna get the cover off again tonight then.....................


Eric me old matey,

45 on brightness and 70 on contracts in my dark room is what it is at, maybe the G2 adjustment will allow me to drop theses.

I'll keep you all posted.

Eitherway and I know I have said already, this is a stonking picture. Had another go setting the block up for svideo on sky and the misses was well impressed. Mind you shows up laods of noise in the picture now. Gonna do the G2's tonight and have another at the DVD block. This is great now but got to squeeze everything out of this beast.

What are the long rods either side of the lens for, as one feel out when I turned the PJ over. Does this allow for all three crt's?

Still can't seem to get the sharpness right on the bottom.

Roland @ B4

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With a correct voltage signal a Barco will almost always be about 40 - 45 brightness and 70 to 75 on contrast.

If you are going to turn the yokes make sure absoloutly every thing has been set to mid position. from the service mode including deleting all blocks. Yo must start from scratch here.
Roland thanks for rubber stamping Eric's thoughts.

So alls well then, just got to do the G2, focusing and the asti thingy and should be 80% done.

Oh, may leave the yokes for a bit, and practise getting the blocks as near as poss.

Well came home thinking yes let get them G2's done and guess what.........................

Can't seem to find the sub menu for the G2's Not in Service or Installation....

Did a 1208/2 have this? or was it just for the 1208s?


Roland @ B4

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Ok put a black video picture up turn the brightness way down to 0 and this will be tricky (best get a mirror) adjust the G" untill the tubes just glow.

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