fyi Amazon have RGB Scarts in stock


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Oct 3, 2004
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as per title - I suspect PQ darn close to component.
Thanks - ordered one for my 17" LCD screen that doesn't have component inputs. Expect RGB to be better than composite (no dot-crawl, etc.) but not quite as good as component. Will also see what it looks like on my 55" SXRD before deciding whether to get a component lead for the big TV.
Cool I preordered this a few weeks ago along with the official component lead for £14.99 each. Checked account shows RGB cable dispatching soon :) Keep me going till the component arrives
Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to getting rid of that crappy composite cable! :thumbsup:
Managed to pick up an Official RGB Scart Cable yesterday from Game and the difference while not mind blowing is still a big improvement with text much clearer and colours well defined.
Thanks for posting this, managed to bag one while they've got them. Not touching Zelda until this cable arrives

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