FX802 OLED showing Dolby Vision compatible on XBOX X


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Hi I added a HDMI audio extractor between my xbox X and TV to extract audio to optical for my none 4k receiver.
Since making changes with the dip switches on the extractor my Xbox now shows that my TV can be used for Dolby Vision Games and Movies. Is this a false positive or could dolby vision be on the tv but panasonic never paid the license for this model and the extractor has opened it up.


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It's this, anyone ever used one


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The FX802 does not support Dolby Vision, so the extractor basically appears as a TV to the console then passes on the signal to actual TV, the Xbox is reading the extractor not the TV.

Also keep in mind that DV game mode is needed for low input lag, on older TV's that actually support DV some of these lack the game mode so you get high input lag.


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Thanks for that. So it's using the EDID of the extractor box. Makes sense as it has EDID settings controlled by dipswitches

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