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Help! I recently upgraded to the Sony FX68 - great TV, but I can't get it to recognize my ntl cable box's RGB signal. My cable box is scarted to my Sony VCR which is scarted to SCART input no. 2 on my FX68.

I am getting a picture but it is the standard non-RGB (I can tell cos the symbol in the top left corner of the screen stating AV2 doesn't have the 3 dots in it).

I've been into my ntl picture settings to ensure it's sending an RGB signal and tried viewing with both the VCR switched on and off, but no luck - I just get the standard picture.

The strange thing is that the Sony 4:3 TV that the FX68 has replaced was set up exactly the same (ntl box via the video) but did get the RGB signal. Confusing!

One thing I did do when I first auto-tuned the FX68 was have my VCR connected via scart 3 (non-RGB). The TV automatically recognized my VCR cos it's smartlink and the VCR started flashing "auto-tune". Later, when I'd read the TV intructions, I changed the VCR across to scart 2 in an effort to get RGB. Could this have messed things up?

Finally, on a slightly different note, when I watch ntl I have vague wavy lines going up the screen but when I switch the VCR on (as opposed just to having it in standby) they disappear. I know this is not a problem with my new TV - it happened with the old one. Any ideas?


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My personal guess is the order of the components. I would have the setup as:

(marked AV1 or TV)
NTL Digibox

This assumes you weren't making use of any Smartlink facility for recording (with NTL, if like Telewest, this may not work).

This should hopefully cure both problems. The higher quality digibox source is closer (in the scart chain) to the TV so should have less interference. If the VCR couldn't passthrough RGB the this should also now be fixed.

Hope this helps.

on the newer sony tvs you dont get a rgb sighn just a av socket sighn daft i know but have you tried going into the tv menu to see if the rgb set up menu is selectable if it is the tv is being fed a rgb signal


Thanks for the help. I have now swapped my set up around. ntl box goes direct to TV via one scart and also scarted my ntl box to the VCR via another. My VCR goes direct to the TV via a third scart cable.

I do get an RGB signal now (and it does show the AV socket symbol with 3 dots). I did the swapping during the Liverpool v Newcastle match and the RGB signal is definitely better - especially with the long range camera work - the players are a lot more sharply defined and the pitch looks more realistic rather than patches of green. (I'll stop there, I was sounding a bit nerdy)

Thanks guys. The only problem is I've used my DVD scart cable for the setup so have now got to go out and buy another one.


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