FX68 - Blue smearing? troubles here :-(




'cause famous smearing problem I sold my FX66 before fix was published. I purchased an FX68, I was happy for my choice until I discovered that some colour, especially yellow and green have very large and deep blue-bleeding - is like a shadow at the right of the object, a ghosting, I don't know how explain this.

If someone have experience with this and know what I'm talking about, please explain me where's the problem and how I can solve it.

Thank you,



here I post some image of defect
please, some feedback if you can

thank you



:mad: hi guys i had this problem with mine to really see it put qvc on and look at the black writing on white back ground and switch tv to live setting it drove me mad. i discovered that you can really make it worse by turning off the rgb source push the sharpness up a bit and switch back on then u can really see it.


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I'd say just back off the contrast.
The live setting pushes the contrast to maximum which is simply rediculous. And yes on mine the image looks horribly distorted on this setting too.

I've adjusted the contrast to around 47%, sharpness around 40% (tested using AVIA), colour around 45% and tweaked the geometry in the service menu.
Now the resulting picture is the best I've ever seen.

I only aquired my set yesterday, and once I'd moved a DECT phone that was interfering with it, I'm delighted with it.
Way better than any of the Philips sets that seem to get all the praise in the magazinies.

Anyway, as I said, reducing the contrast to more sensible levels will probably help.


It seems that issue doesn't care about contrast.
Even if I switch in film mode or pulling down the parameter
is still there as is.
It's perfectly present via s-video too.
It can be reduced if I turn up sharpness (with many problems in whole image, of course) and more visible with sharpess off.

ian dem

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I've got this tv as well,Jules you say you went into the service menu & tweaked the geometry? How do you do it?
Its only a month old,is it easy to do?



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Tweaking the geometry is fairly straight forward in itself.
But fiddling in the service menu can be risky.

If you want to have a go, go here for instructions, help and advice.

Tread carefully!


as you can see in scanrate service menu,
there's an option VSATADJ changes -I think- tint
pulling down this setting defect disappear,
but blue turns in green.
I tried composite input also and it is present.



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VSAT & USAT are colour decoder adjustments and unlikely to be the cause of the problem. This is an odd fault and nothing obvious comes to mind.

There are some very dangerous settings in the ScanRate menu. Some if altered can disable your TV and even cause damage to components. If an adjustment disables your TV the only solution is for the EEPROM to have its instructions reloaded which is a major workshop operation.
AFAIK the ONLY ScanRate adjustment that should ever be touched is the one in my smear fix sticky.


thank you for your interest.

I tried every setting in scanrate menu but nothing changes
and, BTW, none turned off my set. prob menu of FX66 or FQ70 have more options inside that are dangerous
but about damage of components?
please share your experience, if you know meaning of these settings and relative conseguences

however, another thing I've seen, if I pull down
contrast defect is more, more evident
I can't understand, this strange thing seems to be blue-gun related. If, as I've seen, I take out blue from colour decoder a blue image is green instead blue but issue disappear



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Looks as though the menus are different, my guess is that most are hidden in the service factory mode whereas they are all available in the scanrate menu on the FX66/FQ70 etc.
The reason some adjustments are so dangerous is that these (and most modern) sets have multi standard/multi model chassis. The settings can change voltages/frequencies to meet the requirements of different transmission standards, different tubes, RP or CRT, Mains frequencies, and various versions of 100hz technology. If the adjustment mis-matches two parts of the set things can blow. I know of one tweaker who now has a duff fx66 and a repair quote of £180 having blown the Jungle Chip (does most of the picture processing) and a transformer.
So my warning stands DON'T fiddle with the scanrate menu.


I wouldn't touch CKILL because it sounds like a KILL operation!

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