FX68 advice re. fast-moving action


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Took delivery of a 32" FX68 last Sunday and mostly very happy (but then I've traded-up from a square 28" Sharp which kept breaking down, so it'd be difficult not to be.....).

The sound is great, but there are a few picture niggles.

Firstly, fast-moving action doesn't seem good. It's quite fuzzy (the players look like their playing in a heat haze or they've eaten too much Ready Brek) and it's irritiating me a bit. I know 100hz processing causes this sort of problem, but will I get better than the FX68 or is it just a case of making do with it?

I haven't got Sky (yet), but would this improve things? I'm thinking particularly of the football as I'd hate to pay £700-odd for the TV and a further £40 a month for Sky and get the same problem.

Is there anything I can do to the set to change any settings as I've only got until Saturday to send it back.

The only other slight problem is a slight vertical bar a few inches in from the left hand side of the screen. You can hardly see it, but it's there. Is it again a case of this being something you're pretty much always going to get on a big TV and you've just got to live with it if it's not too bad?

The TV is otherwise great, everything works, it's whole, in one piece, looks nice and I don't particularly want to have the hassle of having to choose another, but it's a lot of money. Is it worth the hassle of getting another TV only to get the same problems?

Would a good 50hz TV be better (Panasonic PS5?) or would a more expensive 100hz be better, i.e. PD30 or FQ70?

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I have a Tosh 36zp38 - different TV same problem.

I always switch TV into Progressive mode when watching football - it drops the set back down to 50hz - big improvement, can you do this with the FX?

Re. Sky
Quality of Sky transmission on BBC / ITV is generally v. poor for anything fast moving, switch back to Analogue RF input for football, Sky sports is much better and together with drop to 50hz is fine. I believe it's something to do with the BBC/ITV squeezing too much down 1 transponder which degrades the quality.

Hope this helps.


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No problem on freeview on my 68 . Have you got the sharpness up too much/little auto noise etc., you can only change some of these on Personal. It took me awhile to get everything to my taste. The default settings are way too high for my liking I only use the live setting on some analogue viewing


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Freeview hasn't found its way to my part of the country yet, so it'd have to be Sky if I went digital.

I've tried fiddling around with the settings and I think I've got it on the 'personal' setting. I'll try the others.

I'm in two minds whether to send it back and get a Panasonic PS5, which had a good review both for pictures and sound, or some other 50hz set. My only concern is whether I'd notice the flicker with a 50hz set.

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