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Hello all!

My FX66 seems to have a colour alignment problem. The colour is about 3 mm off. Its not really a problem when I watch regular tv, but it's really annoying when watching DVD's or playing PS2 games. Its really evident in menues and such. I have my PS2 connected with RGB scart and It wasn't like this on my 3 year old Panny.

Is this a fault, or is it "within standards"? Is it a Sony thing or a 100hz or widescreen thing?

Can it be fixed in the service menu?

Please help me, I've only got a few days left on my money back warranty and if this is normal I'm considering getting a different telly.




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Had mine just under a week now and i have not found these faults on my set. I only have my ps2 connected via the composite inputs on the side but picture is fine.
Maybe you should have it looked at while it's still in warranty


I've had various problems with my FX66. Buzzing - don't notice it anymore:) 2 Light coloured bands running though AV4 with the PS2 on - they've gone:confused: :D and some smearing on moving pics - Put the output to RGB on the Skybox and amended the contrast etc and its virtually gone.:) Its appantly a "effect" of 100hz as my mate who installs TV's tells me. He saw mine last night and confirmed this. So nothing now really;)


My 32fx66 has exactly the same colour registration fault.
I've a service manual on order, will post if I find answer.
Very slight buzz with ear against case (its the scan coils btw)


I have just had my fx66 replaced and it's got exactly the same problem as the old one!:(
I've talked to Sony twice and they said it shouldn't be like that but they had never heard of the problem before.

Can somebody confirm that this is not a 100hz/widescreen thing?


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