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    For information future trends in projectors is as outlined below:-

    At this year's infoComm, manufacturers showed off brighter, higher contrast projectors and unveiled new low-cost home theater projectors. More projectors featuring DLP technology were released, signaling greater competition for LCD technology.

    Lighter Gets Brighter
    Last year, manufacturers focused on lightening the load for traveling presenters. This year, manufacturers increased the brightness of ultra-portable (4-6 lbs.) and micro-portable (2-3 lbs.) projectors. These projectors are now available with as much as 2000 lumens of brightness. That's double the average brightness of these portables a year ago.

    High Contrast
    Contrast ratios were also increased. The average projector this year sports an 800:1 - 1000:1 ratio, whereas last year a 600:1 contrast ratio generated a buzz. A high contrast ratio is important to those who use their projectors for home theater or presenters who like a punchy image.

    New DLP High Contrast Chip
    More DLP products are due to be released this year. Texas Instruments' new brighter, high contrast DLP chip, will be shipping in units from InFocus, Optoma, NEC, Plus and other manufacturers by the end of the year. The good news for the consumer is that these new DLP chips can create vibrant images without a significant increase in price.

    Moral of the story- be patient, do not throw your money away!!


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