Question Future proofing a living room, what cable type are best for surroijd speakers and headphones?


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Hi all

Sorry for the terribly vague question/assignment.

We are in the process of ultimately finalising our living room floor, which has been up now for more than a year :(

It just hit me that, even though I'm not a massive fan of surround systems, I probably should lay some wires just in case for speakers to be placed behind the sofa.

I laid ethernet and aerial cables to the back of the TV, it would be a shame not to have the ability to easily add rear surround speakers if one day we'd want to.

As of now, I'm not owning any music system and I'm absolutely not having any idea what our future system will be like.

The only things I know is that our TV is not massive (43 inches), the front speakers will be in said alcove (fixed or moveable TBC yet) and the living room is a standard sized Victorian front room, so we are sitting approx 3 metres from the telly.

My question to you is which cables am I best to run for rear speakers to be future ready in case we want a surround system?
RCA, just copper ( and which gauge then?), optical? Something else?

Also, thinking of running under the floor a lead for headphones too as I cannot stand Bluetooth, would a standard female to male audio jack lead be a good bet or would there be a better option? Our TV currently has a headphone jack input, but again would like to have a flexible solution in case the TV gets changed.

Thank you all, really hoping to have some replies soon as the floor is finally going down this weekend!!

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Speaker layout - follow the Dolby layout, note you have ‘side’ surrounds in a 5.1 system, 5.1 Virtual Speaker Setup

Speaker cable - 2x2.5mm is always a good option, as is conduit!

Headphones - plenty of decent quality wireless options, including some which support 5.1.

3 metres away from a 43 inch screen? I'd seriously consider a bigger screen.

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