Future proofed HighDef data/AV streaming


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Hi all,

I'm planning ahead for a new home I'm buying and wanted to lay down a home network to stream AV content around the house. This is likely to be via Media server which can send and receive data, audio, voice and IR.

However, I would like this future proofed to handle High Definition content when it eventually hits the UK.

Can CAT5E handle this ?

If not what type of cabling should I consider ?

Also, would I need any special type of hub/switch or plug convertors to handle this ?

(Apols if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything!)


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Yes Cat5E will handle it, but if you really want to future proof yourself, get Cat6 which is guaranteed to do Gb and a obviously you'll want to get a Gb Switch and NIC's.

However to stream HD material you will need hi-end PC's to get any kind of results out of it.


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Cat6 really is just an updated version on 5E but it is guaranteed to do what it claims, you'll probably not notice any difference.

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