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Before I lay the carpet in my living room, I want to try and future proof myself against changes in TV service provider. Currently I have a Virgin V+ box, connected to the outside world via a co-ax. Virgin also provide my broadband.

The cable comes in to the house, drops below the floor, into a t-connection which routes one line to the V+ box on the other side of the living room (surfacing via a brush plate behind the TV) and the other line goes to the broadband modem on another room (also under the floor).

I'm thinking that if I bring the t-junction up, above floor (concealing it in the box on the wall), then the same co-ax could be used for any service provider. For example, if I switched to Sky, or FreeSat, then the satellite dish could just be connected (in the box on the wall) to my current co-ax?

A very long way round asking if it's the same co-ax used for all the different services?


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