future bleak for xbox?



Like many people I have been wondering which to go for - xbox or ps2.
It now looks as though I will be getting an xbox, but after reading about the xbox 2, I wonder if its worth it, as it sounds as if there may be no backwards compatilbilty. So I could be stuck with a nice machine with only a few quality titles for it, as some of the titles are available on the PC, whereas the PS2 has a huge back catalogue.
Is the xbox really worth it? Theres probably only 10 or so quality games that arent available for the pc as well.
All i'm really looking for is a machine that has good playable games such as arcade racers, footy, fun stuff at reasonable prices, the sort of stuff you cant get on the pc and that isnt going to become a n64/dreamcast in a year or so
Get both mate!

I personally don't see the big deal about backwards compatibility, apart from at the very start of the console cycle. None of Nintendo or Segas consoles were ever backwards compatible. I'll probably keep my xbox anyway as when xbox 2 is released it'll be worth next to nothing, the same as ps2 when ps3 is released.

You've got a good 18 months - 2 years before xbox 2 is released anyway, and in the last 18 months i've got through 3 pcs so go figure! :D
i agree with the guru - don't worry about backwards compatability (i certainly don't). Enjoy it now. There is plenty of time before the next lot of consoles arrive.

Also the thread subject is a bit misleading. The xbox has a heathly future.
I agree, i mean whats really the point of backwards compatibility, you must of had the console in the first place, if you want to play that outdated game of PGR2 that you finished 2 years ago just plug the console back in, people are just too lazy. And how many PS1 games have you thought of buying or renting and playing them on your PS2? Go for the Xbox, so many things you can do with it, (once chipped of course :devil: )
Personally, I think backwards compatibility is a great selling point, but it won't bother me too much if XBox 2 doesn't have it. Because:

1) I might be buying a PS3 instead, depending on which is the better system (fanboy, I ain't)
2) I expect my XBox to be working for years to come
3) Worse case scenario, if it breaks down, I'm sure I can pick up another one for next to nothing (heck, they're cheap now, imagine the price in a couple years!)
Backward compatability has never been a huge issue with me buying a console but I think it will be a HUGE selling point with parents looking to buy them for their kids. They like the idea that the games they buy on this console will be playable on the next. I guess parents often don't know a great deal about games (to them a PS1 game looks the same as an X-Box game) and they are looking for value for money options. The backward compatability helped the sales of the PS2 no end as parents simply felt that they were just buying an "upgrade" of the same console where they could still play all the old games that they had bought them over previous xmas's & birthdays etc.

To be honest the X-Box & X-Box2 will remain the console of choice amongst many hardcore gamers but it doesn't stand a cat in hells chance of selling even a quarter of the machines that Sony will sell. Playstation is another word for Games Console if you step outside the relatively small market of the hardcore gamer and into the now huge market of the casual gamer. You get a catch 22 then though as although it's a mass market, casual gamer machine, you also find that most developers also release the games aimed at hardcore gamers on the Playstation, simply because of the fact that the market is 7 times larger than any other console.
I don't care about what it sells mate. As long as there are some ****-hot games i'll probably buy all three next time round. Couldn't bring myself to get a ps2 after sony treated sega and the dreamcast re: 3rd party developers and the ****e they spun about the ps2 and what it could do.
Personally, sales figures don't directly bother me either as it's just the games that interest me. However in relation to this thread sales figures are important as in a capitalist world that is the difference between success and failure. What I do want, however is a console that I know will continue to be very well backed by developers, due to it's overwhelming position in the market.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out that the best selling console will attract more developers through the lure of more sales. Therefore if you want to play the larger and wider spread of new titles then the market leading machine will provide that. To say, not buy the market leading console just because it made claims about polygons per second performance will affect noone else but you at the end of the day. Yep, I love the Dreamcast (as you know) and it was a sad day that Sega withdrew it from the market but to be honest life's far to short to be worrying about that.

The purchase price of the machine is peanuts comapred to the cost of the games at the end of the day. I couldn't really give two hoots who the hell makes the market leader, i'm definately not a Sony fanboy. However they currently produce the market leader which attracts the wider and larger spread of games of any console at the moment. Hence until M$, Nintendo or anyone else produces something that can seriously compete in the market place I will have to buy Sony.

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