Fusionsoft free DVD software


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Has anyone tried this? I found it via the Lockergnome newsletter. Download from


I tried it on my 1200 Duron system and it looked good. The picture was fine with none of the judders (?) I get on WinDVD (longstanding problem). It was only when I turned up the volume that I noticed that the sound was a little distorted.

It may just be me. There's something about my PC that doesn't like playing DVDs. I bought WinDVD ages ago, but haven't used it much because of the annoying picture glitches. The only way I've found to get rid of it (sometimes) is to go into the Win2000 devies and disable either the parallel or network ports. Re-enabling the port doesn't cause the problem to come back, but I would have to do it every time the PC was switched on. I've got an MSI K7T Pro MB, Yamaha soundcard and Ricoh DVD/CDRW combo.

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