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    It's funny that after continual experimentation with subwoofer placement the most unlikely situation for the sub to be in sounds the best.When people say that the room acoustics,shape etc, play a big part in how the sub will sound, well I couldn't agree more.After having placed my sub almost everywhere in our small 14x10x10{Max measurements} L-shaped bedroom,it ended up where it started in the right hand corner just behind the front right speaker,but I had previously added two MDF panels,one either side of the cabinet to hide cables running along the front wall,and also to contain the fluorescent backlight attached to the back of the cabinet.Now to cut along story as short as possible ,I moved the two MDF panels from the back of the cabinet to the front of the cabinet,placed the sub behind the Mdf panel in the far right hand corner with the woofer facing the MDF panel and a gap of approx 80cm between woofer and panel.Now the panels don't close of the whole front unit ,there is a gap on either side of the outer edge of the panel of about 10cm.So subwoofer right hand corner, MDF panel 80cm in front of subwoofer with a 10cm gap from outer edge of panel to side wall.So I hope all is clear thus far{wish I knew how to do a diagram, and paragraph on this computer}.Anyways I thought lets give it a shot see how it sounds{thinking it would be boomy being that it is partially enclosed between panel and front wall}.Well I put in Region 1 version of The Fast and the Furious {DTS}.Lots of loud xplosions and it sounded great, nice controlled bass,the boominess that once was;was no more. I experimented with more DVD's and It sounded better than ever.Also played some CD's using Pro Logic 2 {music mode} and it was beautiful.So it pays sometimes to try out things that you think wont work.There is no golden rule for sub placement just experiment ,it might take awile but eventually you will find that sweet sub spot. Thought I would share my findings with you ,sorry if it was totally uninteresting,dull boring ,uninformative, but I just thought it was the dog's testicles.:D

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