Funny Surprise: Denon RCD-N9 + Dali Zensor 3


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Just want to share my joy with you guys.:laugh:

Months ago, I got the captioned budget system, Denon RCD-N9 (GBP 300) and Dali Zensor 3 (GBP 400). I put the set on my desk, with the Zenor 3 speakers 5 feet apart and my computer monitor between. The RCD-N9 is an all-in-one system (tuner, CD player and amp 30W x 2).

Surprisingly, the amp is powerful enough to drive the Zensor 3 (7 inches mid-base cone). I hooked up the system to my computer and found that it was good for streaming or seeing movies. Then I played classical CD music, e.g. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, and I got fairly well effects in terms of sound stage, details, bass etc. When I played very large scale orchestra, e.g. Mahler, Bruckner, R. Strauss, however, I found I was too demanding and this system had to 'struggle' very hard to do its best.

IMHO, this budget system is an all rounder of reasonable quality, for listening to radio, seeing movies, streaming and casual listening. I should not ask for more at this price.

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