funny but sad !

Mad Mr H

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Now dont get me wrong - I love my Barco , well all 6 of them actually!

However I do also like a good plasma too...

NOW loads of people will tell you how good a pioneer is,

their last 50" was not that good,

HOWEVER the new 506 - WOW heres a great story......

Its bright really bright I mean wow! BRIGHT

Did I mention how bright it is.......

SO we get a couple in for demo

Pioneer will have a major recall on their hands within the next few days im sure!

SO BRIGHT IT IS that if you leave the internal DVD menu screen on for 30 minutes - the screen is burnt!
(internal dvd version)


Watch national geographic for 2 ish hours and oh look the same


now someones gonna get burnt fingers!

so as im a crt lover I just thought for anyone who is considering one - go burn yer money!

Sad thing is Pioneer from the start were the only 4:3 format plasmas and fantastic quality - now look....

I would post this in the plasma forum but to be honest I cant be bothered to hear people tell me other wise who to be honest wont have seen it for their own eyes and just believe all they read in a write up where the author gets the products for FREE evaluation......

Rant over.


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Really? You have evidence of this?


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All plasmas suffer from image retention to some extent, but it generally goes away given enough time. It's always a bit of a shock to see it the first time. The manuals say they are not designed for displaying static images, and that screen burn is not a fault. The image retention that most bothers me is displaying daylight in a night-time scene.

Nick :)

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