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Funniest thing I have ever seen - Heat Vision and Jack!


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Must admit, I was expecting more, didn't find it remotely funny, or did I miss something? if not, the OP and myself have very different senses of humour.:D


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I am a fan of both Stiller and Jack Black, but if you think this is the funniest thing you have ever seen you need to spread your viewing a bit.


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Guess he must be in a really good mood or a massive Ben Stiller fan?

is that a genuine series? cant be bothered to google it myself too many other important searches to do first.


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Pigs in Space was funnier.


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I have to join the ever growning queue of people who didnt find it funny.


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Alright calm down folks, I posted it whilst still laughing, can anyone see the homages to 80's TV and the sheer silliness of it?

I think it's hilarious, maybe some folks want to post what they think is funny?



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"Heat Vision and Jack" = complete bunch of arse!

About as funny as haemorrhoids! :(

Talking of which.... for 12-year olds and up... Turbo-Laxatives at work!

Dumb & Dumber

Now that's what I call funny! :rotfl:



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In reference to the OP, here's the full length, 30 minute episode (of which that clip was just the beginning). It makes more sense if you see the whole thing. It's not hugely funny but a lot funnier then the starting clip and worth a look if you're a Jack Black fan.


In 1999, Ben Stiller set out to make the worst superhero television pilot imaginable. The premise was absurdly bad: An astronaut, Jack Austin (Jack Black), flew too close to the sun, his brain expanded—"like cookie dough"—and he became three times smarter than the smartest man on earth, though only when the sun is up. "Heat Vision" (Voiced by Owen Wilson) is his motorcycle, sidekick, and unemployed best friend, formerly known as Doug. Heat Vision was transformed from human to motorcycle by character actor Ron Silver. Not a character named "Ron Silver," but the actor who is purported by the credits to be playing himself. Silver is a "former astronaut," NASA operative, and "gifted actor" trying to find Jack and so NASA can extract his brain and study it.
The pilot was never picked up, of course. Comedies with such a casual disregard for the formulas craved by the narcotized American audience don't often succeed.

See this link for more info.

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