fund this retro-gaming documentary 'From Bedrooms to Billions'


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Time is running out for this to achieve its target of $35K - 9 days and it is still just shy of $9K. This project really has to go ahead - who here wouldn't want to watch this? Donate your $25 now! Telll all your mates to do the same.

From Bedrooms to Billions

A documentary feature film telling the story of the UK Video Games Industry from 1979 to 1996.

From Bedrooms to Billions -- Indiegogo

Check out the sample footage if nothing else.


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I'm getting that Theo Popodopolis feeling from the Dragons Den:), without the pleasure of sitting next to the firm but equally fair Deborah Meaden.

So you want me to invest in a film do you.......


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Hmm i'm thinking it's a nice and largely uncovered idea but :-

If you wished to document something that meant that much to you as an individual then you shouldn't be asking for other people to chip in for funding, if i'd have had the technical know how or could afford/wanted to do this i'd have gone ahead regardless and not bothered with anything additional that required funding.

Bedroom game devs, musicians etc should imo be willing to contribute to a documentary freely if they have the time and interest (aside from their out of pocket expenses).

Why? because if they were remotely interested in their story being told surely they'd want the thing to go ahead too?, they wouldn't want it to be due to them as an individual that it didn't, therefore if they require payment for a 5 minute interview miss them out and find someone else who doesn't instead.

much as i love the retro gaming discussion, i'm out too! ;)

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