Funai announce profile 1.1 player for less than $300 retail


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In reality it's shaping up that profile 2.0 only adds network capability, so not necessarily a big loss, especially when...

To be compliant with storage requirements for profile 1.1, most manufacturers seem to be doing this by adding an SD card slot. It seems the player does not have to have 256MB of storage built in, but the capability to have 256MB. Subtle but important difference.

Now that might look like a con at first glance and no doubt some will say it is, however, 256MB isn't much and even 1GB (profile 2.0) can look poor so making it a user choice means you can use larger amounts if possible. It also means you can still potentially download extras to an SD card from a PC and still use them in a 1.1 player.

So, unless you want your player connected, you may not miss out on as much as you think with a 1.1 player. Who knows though?

I would have thought any 1.1 player with an SD card (or similar) slot and an ethernet port could be made 2.0 compliant quite easily. The hard bit was dual video decoders which is common to both.

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