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I am having trouble with a SCART connection from my DVD to TV. There is a nasty green wash over everything on SCART+RGB. I cannot adjust individual colour tones on either DVD or TV, only a general 'colour' setting on the TV. Turning off RGB on the DVD menu gets rid of the effect, but I am now presumably loosing potential picture quality.

Some one suggested I might not be using a fully wired SCART. The SCART I am using came from "Homebase!!, cost 10 quid and has a thick cable and gold-plated pins.

Can anyone tell me the symptoms of not having a fully wired SCART. Could this account for the green wash effect?

Thanks Alan

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Scart leads sold by DIY stores have been reported before as very poor quality, the brand Masterplug has had severe criticism. However I doubt very much you would get a green wash just due to quality, how green is it, is it a tint of green or *really* green.

If the red signal was missing the picture would look very green.

It could also be a fault with your equipment, I suggest you try another lead, borrow one from something else, if that cures it buy a new lead.



Thanks for that info.

The brand I am using is called'Posiscart', and I think it is fully wired.

Checking on my TV, I have some RGB settings I can tweak (picture position), these are apparently unavailable if the connection is not RGB compatible etc.

It is only a tint of green, and I have subsequently spoken to someone with the same DVD and they are having the same effect. So it looks as though it is the DVD that is at fault!!

Fortunately I have s-video connection on TV and DVD and can use this to get round this problem.

Thanks ALAN

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