fullscreen .vs widescreen

just a quicky, seen a dvd i want but its only available in fullscreen only, ive got a widescreen tv, and i dont really want borders on the screen. will my dvd player be able to compansate for it and produce a picture with no borders?




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Dunno about your dvd player, but your widescreen Tv should have various picture modes on it, like a super zoom or wide-stretch or smart that will make the 4:3 picture fill the screen.

Oh yeah, you appear to have My Little Pony: The Movie in your DVD collection, any reason for this heinous crime?:devil:
yeah my tv has got all that zoom and wide effect stuff on it. thanks for the help.
my excuse is a 15 month old little girl who apparently likes the my little pony movie. this is ofcourse on good authority from her mother who i think bought it for herself instead of our infant.

its only in my list to make up the numbers


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What title is it (just out of interest) ?


As iamtheone says if you have a W/S TV you will have no trouble.
My mate borrowed my DVD player to show his mother a DVD and hers was a 4:3 so had to go ito the settings to view it so the characters where not tall and thin (when they wasn’t).

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