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Hi all,

I have an old Gforce2 card with TV out which I display on my 42" widescreen plasma using a big ass composite cable. I acknowledge that this may not be the best connection, but for what I use it for the quality is acceptable to me. I only use my TV out for video playback all 16:9 aspect. I admit I am a bit of a novice when it comes to resolutions etc so please excuse my
ignorance. What I want to achieve is a full (wide)screen playback of my 16:9 source (without zooming or stretching on the display). I can't really connect my pc directly up to the display due to the location being 10-12 meters away, which is why I am using TV-out and as I said before, this quality seems fine for me.

I did look into building a new PC to stick behind my display, but at this stage is outside my budget, so I am looking for other, cheaper alternatives. Is there a new card that I can buy which supports widescreen output via TV

Appreciate any assistance or advice you may be able to give


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If you use Zoomplayer (http://www.inmatrix.com/) you can choose anamorphic output. If you then set the plasma to it's full mode the video output should be in the correct ratio.
If this doesn't work straight away I have the feeling that there may be a "track overlay aspect ratio" or similar option in the Geforce TV out or overlay options.


cskates : I thought I had tried that and it didnt work, but I will give it a go again and see how it goes.

will keep you posted.


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You can get 10m + vga cables for reasonable money. Try lindy for starters.
I use a very ole radeon VE dual output card ( was about £30 new 2 years): 1 output goes to my plasma the other goes to a video projector ( both running 856x480) . You can only have one overlay active on a single display at a time but its easy to swap them over with a keypress.

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