Full speaker package for around £500 - £600. Advice please?



A friend of mine is looking at getting a full speaker package (fronts, center, surrounds and sub) for his Pioneer VSX-D 912 receiver.

His main requirement is the best quality sound he can get for his money, his girlfriends main requirement (as usual) is as small as possible and in silver.

Can anyone give any advice?


Ed Selley

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MS Avant Premiere Plus should now be available for approx £400 in Vanadium (dark silver), small, silver and quite well reviewed.


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Kef KHT 2005.2 (Eggs) - available for around £650 with cables thrown in if you have a hunt around.

The cables are probably worth around £60, so still within your budget assuming that it wasn't intended to include cables.

I'm very happy with mine!

Or there's the JM Lab Sib/Cub package which has also received good reviews for around the same price.

Was gonna suggest the Tannoy Revolution setup:

Tannoy Revolution R3 fronts, R1 rears and RC centre. About £550 from Peter Tyson.

I think it's a very attractive setup but they're not small and silver by any means :)

I heard the Infinity Oreus at a hi-fi shop the other day and they sounded decent and they're certainly small.


Thanks everyone, but looks like he's going for a pioneer setup (710 fronts) with a rel quake sub now.


chris l.

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hyperfi.co.uk are doing deals on the discontinued Mission 78 range

781 based system £599 (was £1200 – 781 x 2, 78ds x 2, 78c x 1)
783 based system £799 (was £1500 – 783 x 2, 78ds x 2, 78c x1)

and contrary to popular belief they do have stock as I've just got a set of 781's for £210 to add to my system (circ £400 elsewhere).

Don’t get much better value than this.




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Hyperfi!! the bain of my life :D Never seem to have what I want in stock, deosnt seem to matter how soon i phone em :rolleyes:

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