full signal but cant send a text?


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hi all..

bit of a phone luddite so bear with me

I'm on EE..and one thing has been doing my head in lately.

I'm not a big mobile user but a couple of times now I've been out for the day in cities ...Norwich and Cambridge in this instance..and I've wanted to be in touch via texts

spent the whole day in these cities and even though my signal indicator has shown full bars and 3G...I've not been able to send a single text...even when I was top of a hill in Norwich city centre

signal can be very hit and miss in other places with the same problem

don't know if this a normal thing ..or if it's EE or my android phone?

just had a quick google and it looks like EE coverage round Norwich..where I was yesterday should have been fine :confused:


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You must ensure that the message centre number listed in your phone is +447958879879

This will enable you to access the EE network and to send and receive text messages, both in the UK and abroad.


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Thanks....I'll have to try and look..... I can send texts normally though signal is very hit and miss..round my town is not normally too bad....just don't know I couldn't send any when in 2 major cities?


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One reason is congestion. Strong signal - yes - but of there are too many people attempting to make calls, use data, send SMS, etc., all at once then the network can't cope. It's most likely to occur at an abnormal event (such as, a major sport or music event, perhaps in an otherwise rural area) but can occur in cities on busy days too.


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Well didn't know that.

Pain in the bum ...my house puzzles me you can sit in one seat and have nothing...move to the next and get a signal ...move another 6 feet and get full signal.. Then another day the same spot ..nothing.


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Consider obtaining a replacement SIM card as these can sometimes cause this sort of issue. Also consider performing a complete reset of you phone (if you have the time to set it up again).

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