Full screen PJ light reflection


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Hi All,

I am sure this has been covered before but not sure what just technically called so not sure what to search on……..

Just bought a new PJ setup with a Grandview tab tensioned 110” screen and a Epson TW9400 PJ.

When I am watching things that have a full screen I can see the light coming out of the lens/PJ reflected in the screen. It’s quite distracting and takes you out of the show/movie. It only happens when I am watching something that is full screen (which is an issue as I have just started 4K GOT!)

Anyway I can sort this?



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What is the screen gain?

Room conditions?


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Could be hotspotting but it is only in the one place and I can basically see a relflection of the bright PJ lens in the top middle of the screen.

Not sure of the screen gain but it is this one:

Room conditions arent blackout but reaonably well controlled I would say.


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Just found out what it was, the screen is in front of the TV and the light was reflecting on TV screen……. 🤦‍♂️ Must be because the screen is acoustically transparent.

Have draped a blanket over the TV which has sorted the issue but not very elegant. Anyone have any other suggestions ?

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