Question Full room sound insulation viewpoints on using professional company or going DIY?


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As per title , I've just had an estimate from a professional sound proofing company to treat my front room. The figure was £7k plus vat as a reasonable starting point.

The room is 22 by 13 feet (after extension). I'm planning a full atmos system 7.2.4. Main speakers have 2 * 10" cones in each. Ceilings have 4 * 8" and surrounds 4 * 6" drivers.

Luckily the room is the opposite side of the house which is semi detached. But I would like to isolate the room as much I can.

Has anyone gone down the DIY route and been disappointed with the results?
Has anyone replaced a botched DIY attempt and used a professional sound proofing company?

I,ve done a fair bit of reading on the subject , but so far have not priced up the raw materials.
Are their any professional guides which people have used to perform the installation theirselves ?

Or any companies that forum members have used that can be recommended ?


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Ronski has just done this himself. Check out his thread in this very forum. "Ronski finally starts his cinema room"

I will warn you though his DIY skill level is Jedi.


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Cheers I've been reading it.
I guess I'm trying to gauge what the risks are in tackling it yourself.
Even with professional advice there's a chance to bodge it all up in the implemention. With the cost of the raw materials this is beginning to sound very daunting.


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I was going suggest you have a read of my thread, but I see I've been beaten to it.

What I did works very well, the door is the weakest point, I've never checked how loud it us outside the house though. It was the result of many hours of research, and then piecing all the info together.


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To be fair I've been reading it, but not yet finished, and what a read it is... fantastic job!!.
I am in no way as skilled as you at DIY.

Interesting you have treated the floor the way you have I must have misunderstood the importance of how sound transmits from a concrete floor to the walls.

The importance of identifying what systems to implement is key after speaking to a sound proofing company and reading lots. Then there's the choice of correct materials and then the skill of installation. One screw over tightened through the plasterboard can short the entire system.

Perhaps I'm over worrying , but its a lot of money to make a mistake.

I'll keep on reading and asking advice maybe I'll get there :)

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