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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by Smiggy002, Jun 14, 2016.

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    I'm after some advice about wiring my house for av. I'm a sparks and can get plenty of CAT6 but im struggling to fully understand what im going to need to acheive what i want and if its an easy job as i first thought.
    I have been trawling through the forum and found lots of info that's helped me generally.

    I preferably want to wire everything back to a cupboard under the stairs and have nothing on show in any other rooms apart from tvs and speakers.

    I am looking to have tvs in the living room, kitchen, extension and master (and wiring to other rooms if i ever want to add). These will have sky distributed to them from the sky box under the stairs - (Do i need to run an extra cat5 to control from individual rooms)

    Also want the option to play other things on tv eg. films/music from hdd etc.

    From what ive picked up reading some other posts, i should take 2 x Cat6 to tv positions for hdmi, 1 x cat6 for data, cat5 for control? + coax just in case.

    Also would like to play music in each room from hdd or spotify with control in main rooms.

    Is this all feasible and simple to wire? I have looked at control4 equipment that i probably could afford all in one go but could wire for whilst renovating.

    Hope that sort of makes sense, any help would be appreciated.

    Just need to get an idea of what i'm up against or if i'm in over my head.


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    3 x cat6 and one coax per TV location

    Music in each room look at Sonos either with Sonos speakers or Sonos amps and ceiling speakers

    If ceiling speakers run speaker cable back centrally as well for each zone

    Also consider WiFi access points around the house , one cat6 for this

    For sending a sky HD box look at HDBaseT (HDMI over single cat6) splitter . The splitter will send the sky channel to all TVs , power for the receivers , and also Infrared for control over the single cable.

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