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I'm thinking of buying a pair of full range front speakers for my current 5.1 Boston Acoustics xs setup via DENON AVR1912. But I don't have a clue what to look out for!

The new addition means I can setup Dolby prologic IIz with front heights channels for movies (BA xs sats) and listen to 2Ch stereo music with 'pure direct' mode on the Denon. I mostly use the system for movies, and itune music.

Would the new dominant front channels drown my centre channel (BA XS)? As I dont want to and have no space to upgrade centre channel

Any ideas whether that is a possible setup? Which floor speakers are good? Budget £200-300 max.



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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you aren't going to get anything that can be classed as truly full range at that sort of price.

Full range in its truest sense for loudspeakers means they must be able to reproduce frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz minimum with a flat response across the range. Top end stuff is pretty easy, but there are very few speakers on the market that can do right down to 20Hz flat and the ones that can are a little more than £300 and nearer £30,000. For around the sort of price you have in mind a little more I would consider the following:

Tannoy Mercury V4
DALI Zensor 1
DALI Zensor 5
Wharfedale Diamond 10.4
KEF Q300
Castle Knight 1
Castle Knight 2

Under £1000 the bookshelf speakers would actually offer the best all round performance, just not as much bass. Above £1000 floorstanding speakers start to get fairly good without too many compromises.




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Crustyloafer pretty much covered it.

In the £200 to £300 range you can get many good bookshelf speakers, but very very few floorstanding. Again, it depends on how demanding your needs are.

If very low cost floorstanding, look at the Wharfedale Vardus.

In bookshelf, look at Wharfedale Diamond 10, Monitor Audio BX series, Tannoy Mercury series, Acoustic Energy Neo series, just to name a few.

Now, if you can push you budget up a bit over £300 some very good floorstanding speakers become available to you -

Wharfedale Diamond 10.4 (£330/pr) -

WHarfedale Diamond 10.4 - Google Search

Tannoy Mercury V4 (£300/pr) -

Tannoy Mercury V4 - Google Search

Acoustic Energy Neo 3 (£360/pr) -

Acoustic Energy Neo 3 - Google Search

Q Acoustic 2050 (£330/pr) -

Q Acoustic 2050 - Google Search

These speaker are all trusted proven speakers.

Next, do you plan to keep expanding the system until you have a substantially better system, or is the a one off upgrade?

You should get what ever speakers you decide in front, but then get the matching center for your left/right speaker. At that point, I'm sure you will find your current Sub lacking, which mean an additional £200 to £300 upgrade. Though that is your choice, if you are satisfied with new left/right speakers and your current Center and Sub, that's all that really matters.

Likely the floorstanding speakers listed above have better bass than your existing Subwoofer, so whether you keep the Sub or lose it, is up to you.



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Wow! Thanks for the crash course in speakers.... That's really helpful!

Will pop into my local Sevenoaks to listen to some of your suggestions.

Now how do I make 30k spare cash.....
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