Full HD or HD Ready - Help Needed


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HI looking to purchase a TV and after reading various articles I am still confused.

We do not have Sky but do have Freeview. If you buy a full HD TV is it better to look for a TV with a Freeview HD tuner or it is irrelevant because the TV is Full HD?

I have noticed that HD Ready TV's are for sale with Freeview or Freeview HD tuner inbuilt - does the same apply to Full HD?

Any help would be really appreciated - thanks


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You need an HD FV tuner to get FV in HD (and you need to be in an area where it is switched on), regardless of whether the TV is full HD or not. However, no TV is broadcast in 1080p (1080p only applies to blu-ray and a few games)

Yes, you can get lots of full HD TVs with an HD FV tuner


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Ensure you buy a tv with freeview hd tuner. You may also wish to buy one which, additionally, has a freesat tuner as well, then the tv can run from a sky dish

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